The Juiciest Orchards Near You and Satisfy Your Fruit Cravings Today!

Orchards are a quintessential feature of country life, evoking images of bucolic settings teeming with apple trees and offering respite from urban commotion.

But what if I told you that the answer to all your apple-related inquiries lay within reach? Orchards are blossoming in metropolitan areas across America, providing an ideal setting for fresh fruit such as apples and pears. If you’re eager for a snack or craving some applesauce for dessert, simply head over to one of these orchards and pick up some delicious local treats!




Nestled in between Fort Worth and Weatherford, this charming municipality of about 6,000 individuals is known for its stunning scenery.

The flourishing orchards that pepper the area are a sight to behold – from sweet potato patches to bountiful strawberry fields!

Azle’s scrumptious fruits have earned it recognition as one of the country’s premier destinations for culinary tourism. In addition to being a haven for travelers seeking out memorable meals close to home, this city has also garnered accolades for being named among America’s finest international culinary hubs!

If you’d like to savor some of Azle’s sweet offerings, be sure to drop into one of its many cafes. These establishments abound with scrumptious pastries; they offer both traditional fare like pies and more innovative creations such as ice cream sundaes!


TX: Orchards at Oak Cliff


If you live in North Dallas, it is easy to overlook the acclaimed Oak Cliff neighborhood.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself exploring one of its many enchanting spots, such as Penrose Park, where you can have a tranquil respite from the hustle and bustle yet still be able to appreciate the scenery of this idyllic retreat.

For delicious eats and scrumptious fruit treats – try out any of these locales!




The historic port town of Cortland has long been renowned for its robust agricultural community.

Cortland is a haven for those seeking an idyllic retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. Be sure to visit one of its many orchards during your stay!

Unlock your inner green thumb with a sampling tour of this lush yet bountiful destination. You can also explore nearby apple varieties, such as Gala, Honeycrisp and Fuji; pickling dill or garlic-infused cucumbers; or even learn about curing salt-cured meats like bacon or ham!


NH: Apple Orchards in New Hampshire


We’ve got an abundance of apple orchards in the Granite State! Some are well-known, while others might be a little less conspicuous – but all are certain to leave you feeling refreshed and ready for another day.

The nation’s largest apple orchard, located in Wolfeboro, NH is buzzing with activity as visitors take advantage of its sprawling grounds in search of fresh fruit at the end of each summer. With over 10,000 trees comprising its extensive array; this mecca can accommodate thousands of visitors without any noticeable strain on its infrastructure!

For those who prefer their groves tucked away from prying eyes, the Dolly Chase Orchard is the perfect location for an idyllic retreat. The 2-acre setting provides a secluded haven just minutes away from bustling downtown Wolfeboro, providing ample opportunity for restful respites within its temperate climate.




Bakersfield is nestled between the San Joaquin Valley and the rich Mojave Desert, making it an ideal location for those interested in exploring both regions.

Bakersfield is home to several enticing orchards, perfect for enjoying a respite from the pulsating urban bustle of the surrounding area and savoring some fresh fruit on-site.


CA: Bakersfield Apple orchards


Bakersfield is the capital of California’s Central Valley and boasts a thriving downtown district with charming boutiques, art galleries, restaurants and cafés.

Bakersfield boasts over 190 acres of fruit trees! Don’t miss out on one of these orchards; they’re just as captivating as their counterparts in Sonoma Valley and Napa Valley!

I visited the Bakersfield Orchard and had a wonderful time exploring its various varieties of apples and peaches. The ambience was rustic yet cozy – perfect for enjoying a relaxing afternoon while getting acquainted with some local culture and cuisine.


Brooklyn Park


You can find a plethora of scrumptious options at the Brooklyn Park Orchard, boasting an array of scrumptious apple varieties – red delicious, gala, golden delicious and granny smith – alongside juicy pears.

During the summer months, you can participate in a range of activities at the park including hiking; you may even encounter pony rides or miniature train rides! It doesn’t matter if it’s warm out there; this is just one place where you can get outside without even leaving home!


MN: Pick Your Own Berries in Minnesota


Exciting news! There’s a chance you may be able to select your very own fresh berries at an orchard this summer in Minnesota.

The Twin Cities area boasts one of the largest concentrations of farms in the country, with over 7200 acres devoted solely to cultivating crops. Here, vistas of colorful fields abound, offering plenty for visitors who’d like to take part in picking their favorite fruits! I couldn’t help but relish the opportunity to munch on juicy raspberries and crunchy blackberries…




If you’re seeking out an enchanting orchard with a rustic ambiance, look no further than Everett Farm! Amidst their beautiful surroundings and captivating scenery, visitors can take in the tranquility of this idyllic spot.

I visited Everett Farm’s treasured premises for an afternoon escape; nestled among the green leaves and accompanied by a handful of likeminded souls, it was an ideal occasion for revelry. Not only did we have an opportunity to experience some nature-inspired music from our attentive hostess but also explore their culinary offerings! Unsurprisingly, both were outstanding! I cannot even express how delighted I was with my choice of beverage – plus the delightful array! Gently roasting chestnuts over a fire during our getaway excursion is definitely something that must be experienced firsthand if possible!


WA: Everett Orchards and Azaleas


Everett Orchards and Azaleas is a family-run operation that specializes in selling flowers, plants, and an array of produce. Their orchard is one of the largest in Western Washington!

At this illustrious establishment, visitors can peruse over 400 varieties of fresh fruit, as well as more than 200 different types of plants.




Located in north-central Connecticut, the renowned orchard at Mansfield is a must-visit destination for anyone piqued by curiosity. With an elevation of 1,600 feet above sea level and boasting over 12 acres of fruit trees all under cultivation, it’s no wonder why this place has attained such renown!

Encircling an idyllic country lane with towering trees, you’ll find that the boundary between nature and cultivation is all too apparent here. The scenic route through pristine woods creates an enchanting ambiance – perfect for those seeking refuge from bustling city life!

At our Mansfield orchard, we offer more than 15 varieties of apple trees and more than 10 types of apricots; with additional cultivars like nectarines and peaches available as well.


OH: Apple and Cherry Orchards in Ohio


Ohio is home to a plethora of scrumptious orchards, offering visitors a range of delightful experiences including touring, picking and enjoying fresh fruit with family outings!

Gather your gang at the magnificent Sisters Farm’s popular Cherry Pickin’ event. Experience firsthand what it’s like to pluck into mouthwatering cherries straight from the trees – it could be quite a feast for all involved!

At Sister’s Apple Orchard, guests can take part in a variety of activities such as apple-picking excursions and petting zoos. This quintessential Ohio destination offers an ideal respite for those seeking out a fun day out with the family!




Tucson has a plethora of pristine orchards, which can be found in abundance around the city.

Witnessed by more than 1,000 acres’ worth of trees, the International Sunflower Open-Air Museum is one of Tucson’s most celebrated spots for visitors to take in its spectacular array of blooms. Alongside their distinctive hues and beauty – along with a sense of tranquility often experienced here – this attraction provides opportunities for exploration beyond typical sights!

In addition to its dazzling array of color throughout the year, the International Sunflower Open-Air Museum displays over 2,500 varieties while showcasing sunflowers from around the globe. This magnificent collection also includes some uncommon cultivars like ‘Coxcomb Giant’ – an impressive specimen that stands out among all others!


AZ: Have an Apples-and-Cherry orchard near you!


Are you a fan of apples? Or cherries? If so, consider becoming an owner of an orchard! Apple-and-cherry orchards are abundant in our area, making them one of the most popular choices for tourists and locals alike.

Looking to expand your portfolio of fresh produce options? Don’t fret – there are plenty of apple and cherry cultivars available that yield bountiful crops over several seasons.




If you are craving a slice of ripe fruit, there is no need to venture far! Just sit back and peruse this array of scrumptious orchards that are ready for harvest.

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