The Importance of Domestic Agriculture


What would happen if the US didn’t have a domestic agriculture system? We as US citizens would be dependent on foreign countries much in the same way that we are for oil that comes from the Middle East. We have our own oil in the US, but rely on outside sources it is similar to what would happen without domestic agriculture. There would be some that would produce crops and livestock, but it would not be enough to feed the masses if foreign reliance on agriculture shut down.

The market on food without such a system would become unstable from year to year. Prices would fluctuate depending on the availability and imports of food. The agriculture program we have is set up to assist farmers with finances when market prices fall too low for them to make a living. When market prices are high they don’t need that kind of assistance, but either way they keep our food prices reasonable and stable.

Because of such a system we can rely on food grown and raised in the US to be safe. There is already a growing problem of the food imports coming from China into the US. They are not as safe to eat as we might like to believe. There is concern that we could become sick from food imported from China, but nothing has been done to ban imports considered unsafe from coming into the US. If nothing continues to be done frequenting farmers markets for healthy homegrown food is one way to support our farmers and avoid some of the potentially unhealthy imported food. Local farmers do sell to local stores. Many times you can find homegrown products in garden stores.

The US domestic agriculture system plays an important role in keeping currency value from dropping because of foreign trade. Through foreign trade agriculture can balance the deficit of the US trade. If the US falls short of what it owes another country it can use agriculture to balance the shortcomings.

Domestic agriculture keeps property taxes from drastically increasing by possibly half of one percent in some school districts where the main source of funding comes from ad valorem taxes.

Domestic agriculture insures that poor families can afford to buy food, food that is healthy. Nutrition programs paid for by farm programs to the sum of over half of its total spending budget also aids poor families. By learning about nutrition they can learn what to eat to maintain their health for fewer trips to the doctor.

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