One of the best known and finest early peach. The flesh is firm and yellow with a smooth texture. The attractive red and golden skin color further enhances its popularity.




Excellent flavor and quality coupled with a bright red blush over a yellow background make Loring one of the best all-around peach varieties. Excellent freezing and canning peach.




A yellow-fleshed freestone showing considerable red around the pit. The flesh is resistant to browning.




Bright red-blushed peach with yellow flesh that surrounds more red at the stone. A firm peach with excellent flavor-great for home canning.




Large, freestone peach. Skin is yellow with a deep, red blush. Yellow flesh that is firm and juicy. Exceptional high quality for eating, canning, or freezing.


Our peaches are spotpicked as ripe as we can handle them without bruising. To finish ripening, hold at room temperature or about 70 degrees F. to desired softness. To delay ripening, keep in the refrigerator. For a “peachier” peach taste, warm to room temperature before eating. One fresh peach has only 38 calories.


Genetically, the only difference between a nectarine and a peach is the lack of fuzz. Traditionally, nectarines have a distinctive, sub-acid flavor. Varieties including Summerbeaut, Fantasia, Flavortop, Red Gold, and Sparkling Red assure a supply of nectarines beginning July 25 and lasting until Labor Day. Nectarines may be canned or frozen like peaches. Substitute nectarines to add an unique flavor to any recipe calling for peaches.


Small to medium reddish-purple round plum with red flesh that is sweet, very juicy, with a distinctive flavor.
Santa Rosa
This large round plum has a dark red to crimson colored skin with delicious yellow flesh. Its flavor and fragrant aroma make it a favorite.
Sweet and juicy yellow plum with a pink blush.
A dark blue skinned plum with greenish-yellow flesh which is juicy and fine grained. Excellent prune-type plum suited for both home use or processing.
Blue Fre
Large, blue yellow fleshed variety.