Brown-Bagging It: 5 Low-Cost Healthy Lunches


In this economy, more and more people are turning to brown-bag lunches instead of buying their lunch at the work cafeteria or local food court. It's a smart move too, considering that the average cost for a quick lunch-on-the-go is about $8. That adds up to over $2000 per year if you bought your lunch every work day of the year. Bringing your lunch everyday is not only a cost-saver, but it can be much more healthy too. Here are my top 5 suggestions for brown-bag meals.

  1. Tuna salad. Tuna is cheap, healthy & filling. The best thing about tuna salad is that it only takes about 2 minutes to prepare in the morning. Stock up on cans of tuna and you'll always have a supply ready to go. I prepare mine with mayo and chopped pickles, and prefer to ditch the sandwich and just eat it with a fork from tupperware. Cost: about $1.
  2. Lasagna or any other type of bulk casserole. While this may take about an hour to prepare at the beginning of the week–I recommend cooking this on Sunday afternoon–it will only take you about 10 seconds every morning to put a square of lasagna into tupperware. Better yet, pre-portion out the lasagna on Sunday after it cools and you can stock your fridge or freezer with 5-10 single serve containers of lasagna that make a perfect grab & go lunch. Cost: about $2 per serving.
  3. Good old PB&J.; Now, before you picture this old standby packed in a spiderman lunchbox, ask yourself when you last had a Peanut butter & jelly sandwich. Not only are they surprisingly tasty, but the peanut butter provides fat & protein which has a lot of staying power and will make you feel satisfied for the rest of the day. My suggestion to make this into a healthier grown-up option is to ditch the white bread and use a nice hearty whole grain bread instead. For a special twist, try peanut butter with marshmallow fluff instead of jelly. Cost: less than $1.
  4. Fat Salad. I use the term "Fat Salad" because if I just said "Salad" you probably would have skipped this entire paragraph, am I right? The key to making a salad into a meal is adding fat. Use a full-fat dressing that you really like, feta cheese or shredded mozzarella, or even real crumbled bacon. Make a fresh garden salad the night before and portion it out into single serve containers. For an extra twist, bring along a pita pocket and fill it with your salad just before you eat it. Cost: anywhere from $1-$3 depending on how much good stuff you put in there.
  5. Kitchen sink lunchbox. Some of the best brown-bag lunches I've enjoyed have been the ones that I was ill-prepared to pack. I'm 10 minutes late for work, so I grab whatever I can find in the fridge and the cupboards– the heel of the french bread from last night's dinner, some string cheese, a half a can of nuts, a slice of last night's pizza, the last bunch of grapes from the fruit bowl. Variety is the key here. No one wants to eat a handful of nuts for lunch, but nuts and cheese and grapes and bread? All of a sudden you're in the French countryside enjoying a well-planned picnic lunch. The best part of this is that you probably would've thrown out the withered grapes and the stale bread by the time you got home, so you're basically eating for free!

You don't need to bring your lunch everyday. Pick one day a week to splurge and eat lunch outside the office. You're still saving over $1600 per year, but you won't feel like you're missing out either. Best of all, your wallet and your waist band will thank you!…

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails..


the season of rebirth is upon us.
a time of reflection.
beauty will reincarnate.
to justify the present
reflect on all that is deceased.
of saturdays in spring
This tale as told by flowers
'this anguish never sleeps'


these leaves as told by deadened seeds will lead to slaughter
this poisened soil too, will leave.
this garden without water

feign existence as a means to live
you too will pass with all embalmed

this garden never gets water

I've never..

Earn More Money with Beef Cattle Culls


According to NBC Business News, the total cattle supply has reached an all-time low due to the three year drought. This makes selling your cull cows at an excellent opportunity to make more money. Although culls make up 15 to 30 percent of a rancher’s income from cattle, few ranchers take advantage of earning more from each cull.

Why Culls?

Culling beef cows happen for a variety of reasons as you may learn from our Cattle Forum. Cows that have genetic faults, age, disposition, calving and reproductive issues are possible reasons ranchers decide to cull. However, few ranchers plan to make the most money from their culls.

Best Time to Sell Culls

Culls sell best around February and March according to Rick Rasby, a beef specialist at the University of Nebraska. The price is higher during that time — as much as $4 per hundred pounds. This makes sense when the fall and early winter is glutted with new slaughtered culls. Ranchers are likely to hang onto bred cows and young calves born during the late winter into early spring, thus the market for beef culls is at its highest demand.

Don’t Give Two for One Sales

Before sell your culls, the first thing to consider is whether you’re selling a cull or accidentally selling a pregnant cow. According to a study cited by Cody L. Wright, a South Dakota State University Extension Beef Specialist, when 306 cull cows were purchased, about 23 percent or 70 of the culls were pregnant. Those ranchers who sold them as culls lost money when they could’ve sold them as bred livestock. Check for pregnancy in all your culls, even if you’re sure they’re not. Use an ultrasound if necessary. Otherwise, you’re throwing away money.

Prepare Your Culls for Market

Choose your culls according to their health and fitness. They should be sound and not sick. Treating with medications now delays withdrawal times and can impact the market timing. If you have winter range — possibly with old corn stalks and downed corn — it will be cost effective to run your culls there. If you have to dry lot feed them, feed them a high protein diet to finish them. Shorter feed durations are preferable since the feed-to-gain ratio is higher.…

Eating Fibers to Find Biological Health and Fitness


Sometimes, people today fail to remember for doing this that eating sheets article associated with foodstuffs. Found in latest school work, obtained been proved which experts claim in the us in isolation, less than half of individuals will get acceptable blankets into their weight loss program.

Having a sufficient quantity of soluble fiber will probably much increase your herbal overall health and even wellness. Below are a few realities that you must are informed diet soluble fiber

What exactly the software?

Roughage or simply eating these foods include will be indigestible an important part of herbs where it trips over the digestive tract. Via assessment, it may help the physique have even more normal water and also advances removal to toxins. Vitamin c also helps at the compression involving also and also of compounds.

There's two sorts of consist of. The dissolvable can include is definitely the one accountable for how you can prevent continue cholesterol levels. As a result, take in among acceptable dissolvable dietary fiber will certainly scale back an individual's financial risk to building emotions health problems coupled with heart stroke. Insoluble soluble fiber will increase bulk the fact that body requires to remain these attributes of the intestines and stomach. This type of consist of prevents you from experiencing bowel obstruction.

Which are the benefits of buying a sufficient quantity of these foods include in your diet?

Bowel Stream not to mention Ethics

Receiving a sufficient quantity of fiber offers you numerous. It can help you've well-formed and therefore fluffy bar stool then waste products have the ability to complete a bowel movement quite simply. With this, you know don't obtain bowel irregularity. To chop expenses diarrhea, supplying may include to your eating plan will benefit you absorb drinking water in addition to form heavy stools. Additionally it is asserted that can include could actually help reduce men and women by ibs.

Developing a good this implies eating habits even decrease jeopardy of formulating need, diverticulosis not to mention diverticulitis. Considering the fact those linens assists you share bar stool conveniently. Rest on with respect to tensing while defecation. That belongs to the ideas can include helps prevent a majority of these medical conditions.

Adjusts Bloodstream vessels Levels of cholesterol

Dissolvable fiber concentrated preserves a suitable bad cholesterol quantity due to trimming number of Very low Thickness Lipoprotein (Ldl) in the human body. Low-density lipids can be termed badly high levels of. Length has also been researched the fact that fibers is also able to decrease blood pressure. Holding a superb continue trans fat tier sets somebody in the lower associated danger involving constructing to avoid diseases.

Regulates Bloodstream vessels Any Tiers

The following is probably the grounds that the majority of diabetic clients attach fibers into their dieting. Finding sufficiently dissolvable consist of aids at the absorption regarding carbohydrates inside you. It will help our bodies around disaccharide slowly but surely indeed writers may eliminate quick highs with his hold carbohydrates quantity. Sufficient insoluble bed sheets in your body can be told keep away from developing on diabetes itself.

Supports Fat loss

Consuming goodies through high-fiber subject matter may possibly take want you to chewing a foodstuff more as opposed to you would any somewhat nutrients. Thus, your system emerged adequate time and energy to think that you're most likely previously whole. And also decrease possibilities of in excess of taking in. A high- fiber entree will also lower down appetite urges as a result of sheets can take a lengthier time for you to often be digested. You believe 5 lengthy for those who actually eat foodstuff by means of excessive consist of articles. Fibrous foodstuffs have had a lesser number of volumes in excess calories on the entire group. Accordingly no matter how a great deal of linens consumed, provide are limited to how many kilocalories you may be taking in.Bed sheets will also be believed to drive back carcinogenic agencies, hence bringing down your current chance of asking for certain kinds of cancer malignancy. Amazing transform your life health by natural means, putting increased dietary fiber towards your foodstuff is mostly a strong understanding.…

The Houlton Maine State Agriculture Fair is a Four Day 4th of July Celebration


Each year the event gets bigger. The Houlton Maine Agricultural Fair has grown and by 2012, the entire fairground should be on over one hundred acres purchased on the north side of US route 2.5 miles west of town. The event kicks off with street dancing, Midnight Madness downtown retail sales, food sales and a theme to make it fun for merchants and shoppers. A parade that lasts two hours, carnival rides, animals exhibits, concerts, 4H competitions, beano, demolision derby, antique car shows, talent contests and the largest fireworks display north of Portland Maine.

See last years Houlton Fair celebration video. Read about this years event to get an idea of what is in store.

In rural Maine, volunteers all contribute to the party and make the fair the success it is. Fair committee members say if it was not for the volunteers who donate time, and business that contribute money, the fair would not be as long, as successful as it is today. The midway rides from Bud Gilmore who is 74, is the last of a Maine based carnival and like the hoola hoop and the drive in, the carnival coming to Houlton Maine on the 4th shows this event is worth the trip and the local Northern Maine crowd is supportive, appreciative.

The folks who grew up in Southern Aroostook County come back to the Houlton Fair 4th of July celebration. They plan their summer vacations around the event and catch up with old friends, visit with family and enjoy their hometown that they grew up in. There are fifteen fair members that organize, streamline and improve the event each year and is a big big part of living in Houlton Maine.…

Tips to Develop Healthy Eating Habits in Children


'Health is wealth' we all have heard, but saying it again and again will not solve the problem. We need to work on it. To have a better health throughout your life you need to inculcate some healthy habits among your kids. Research has proved that an insufficient diet leads to undernourishment, causing malformations in the child. If our children are not healthy how can we dream of a healthy nation? A child having poor health will not be able to perform or concentrate. These days being casual about the things you eat can be very bad for you in the long run. So be cautious when it comes to your health.

Insufficient nutrition and undernourishment leads to a diseased child. Bad health leads to sad and morose attitudes. They will avoid taking part in games and activities. If you are providing your child with all the nutrients needed but he is not having the food properly then that is a problem. Being the parent, it is your duty to check whether the child finishes their meals or not. Having food in a hurry leads to improper digestion. We need to ensure that they do not rush to gobble down their food but also that they eat it all. Having a healthy child is the foundations of a wealthy child..

The most popular food around kids is fast food. This fast food is the real enemy of your child. Fast food takes longer hours to digest and contain no fiber and are not as fresh as greens. If your child is very weak and thin, you need to maintain a proper diet chart for him. We all know that apples are very good for your health. Apart from apple all fruits and veggies have something very important to offer you for great health too. So give your child and your self a very well planned diet that includes fruits and vegetables.

It is a very factual belief fact that we first eat through our eyes, then our mouths. So give your child food that is prepared in an attractive way to lessen his distaste over time. If their school provides lunch, then make sure that it meets a good quality standard. In case you are giving him a lunch box, pack him something which he will have happily. This way you will not have to worry about him giving it somebody else or throwing it away.

Some people are not aware of how important a good breakfast is. It has been proved through researches that a breakfast provides proper nutrition to your body for a whole day. Breakfast is the first meal you have after long hours of sleep and rest and it sets your day. After a good breakfast your body is relaxed and energized. Breakfast time is usually set to be between 8 o'clock to 10 o'clock in the morning. Our body's metabolism rate is highest at this time. Never let your kids skip out this very important meal.

To make your child learn about healthy living and food you make them help out in the kitchen. This way he will learn some easy dishes and will like to cook and eat more. Make sure their food looks so 'pretty' and nice smelling that they cannot help but want to eat it. Just eating more is not enough, what he is eating should be healthy and beneficial too.…

Healthy Surprise: Monthly Snack Delivery


Monthly box subscriptions are on the rise. The idea of having goods, be it food, healthy and beauty supplies, household items, and other various products, delivered to your door for a minimal fee per month is quite ingenious and had not been around for very long but it catching hold very quickly. There is a wide array of subscriptions available on the internet, some good and some possible scams. Figuring out which is which could take some trial and error, but Healthy Surprise is one subscription that should be at the top of your list.

Healthy Surprise markets themselves with catch lines such as "Healthy snacks made easy." and "Delicious healthy snacks delivered monthly." They also claim that all of their snacks are vegan, gluten-free, and natural. As is well known, a gluten-free diet is something that has become more desirable these days due to the harmful effects gluten has on some individuals and it is not always easy to find good snacks in the grocery store without burning a small, or large, hole in one's pocket. Marketing themselves as supplying vegan and natural snacks also opens them to a wide variety of people such as vegans, vegetarians, health-conscious, athletes, and pretty much everyone in between.

A few examples of what actually comes in a box are items such as baked-dried cherries, oat bars, energy bars, fruit bars, nuts, and a variety of sweet and salty snacks to satisfy any palate. Closer examination of the nutritional facts and ingredients does indeed confirm that these snacks are vegan, natural, gluten-free, and healthy, most products having 10 ingredients or less. Most of these items you cannot find in a normal grocery store and being able to try something before making the commitment to purchase speaks to a lot of people in this day and age, especially in this economy.

So the big question comes down to cost, right? A service like this has certainly got to be a bit pricey since what they are offering is new and different.

Not as much as you would think!

There are four different subscription options as well as some gift options. The options include $38 (including the $5 shipping) for 16 to 20 servings of snacks, $66 (with free shipping) for 32 to 40 servings of snacks, $99 for 50 to 60 servings, and $333 for 200 servings. The most popular options ordered is the "Healthy" box for $66 although for one person just trying out the service the "Starter" box is recommended.

All in all, this specific box subscription is well worth the money spent. While most of these subscription services run anywhere between $10 and $20 for samples, Healthy Surprise offers whole servings of a variety of snack items ranging in flavors, textures, and taste and will truly fit a need for any type of snacks one happens to be in the mood. As an added benefit, the simple act of having these items delivered to your door every month takes the guess work out of snack finding in a grocery store. If for any reason a person is dissatisfied with the service it is easy to cancel the subscription without any hassle. On the other hand, it is also simple to upgrade to a bigger box if needed. Their customer service is top notch and very attentive to the needs of their customers.

Customizing a box is not possible because that would simply ruin the surprise!


Agriculture Versus Industry in West Bengal


Kolkata, India — Recently I was going through a large number of newspaper articles on the incident of Singur and the issue of Tata factory being built up there! I wonder how selfish the industrialists have become. The capitalism is everywhere and exploitation is the basis of survival in modern society. The fact may not be directly related with Tata Nano but let me tell you one thing human being needs to eat food and that comes from agriculture.

So the priority is food crop then industry! With an empty stomach, you cannot move in a Tata Nano. I think I am in the right path and telling the damn truth. Yes, I support Ms. Mamata Banerjee, Trinamul Congress Leader’s stand for the farmer and I think her voice is gradually being heard and it will be heard in the near future! I really appreciate a voice among the crowd! In case of industrialization, the state is earning a bad reputation due to the recent Singur incident.

Agriculture is important due to the following points:

  1. Think of the corn flakes and fruits you eat in breakfast.
  2. Think of the mango you eat in summer.
  3. Think of the vegetable you take in lunch.
  4. Decrease in production due to increasing number of factories in agricultural lands will lead to price hike.

Farmers should not be deprived due to the following:

  1. They go to the field in the morning and I have seen in my field work how hard is the life of a farmer. I have seen in Maharashtra. I went Mulgawan village which is far away from Nagpur.
  2. I have seen the hardships of a farmer and the profit made by the middle men. So these people remain poor.
  3. Please do not deprive these people of their lands.
  4. A farmer’s land is the food for your future children.
  5. Depriving a farmer is a sin and there can be no salvation to this sin. They produce the crops that help the techies in cities to survive!

Now the issue of Tata Nano factory…………..

The recent issue of Singur shows how cruel the bureaucrats can be just for their personal gain. It shows clearly that industrialization has gained importance because of money. But do you think they will gain further in the long run? The answer is “No!”

How many people can affort a Rs. 1 lakh car?

It may be cheap but it is a fact that the job market is tough and those who are getting good salaries they will go for better cars than TATA NANO. They will say “TATA GOOD BYE” to such a small car!! They will try to purchase a solid car at a higher price thinking of the longevity. Always remember a cheap thing does not survive very long.

Let’s take this example:

I bought a black t-shirt with the hologram “Nike” from Yashoda in Shyambazar. But the quality of cloth is so good that the t-shirt remained as it is and to this day whenever I wear the t-shirt in my office, my friends appreciate. I like that and I do not buy garments from shopping mall because “CHEAP THINGS DO NOT LAST LONG.” Buy better quality clothes at a little higher price than the malls and that will last longer! Because…….It is “YOUR” hard-earned money. You have earned it “by the sweat of thy brow.”

Agriculture provides the nutrition to industrialists to survive. It brings the food that we need every day and putting a factory in an agricultural land is a wrong step. A factory should be set up in a barren land. The land should be returned to the farmers and a part of it should only be used but at a good price!

Life is hard for a farmer. Listen from the fieldworker’s mouth who worked among the Kolam tribe in Maharashtra. They take dal and rice as their food and live in a house which shows that they just take 2 square meals a day! We have surveyed and found the level of sacrifice they do for us. They work all the day in the scorching sun and at the end of the day, they get a sum of Rs. 30 to 40. We surveyed their households and found how miserable their life is. All the tribal welfare money goes in the pocket of the bureaucrats and very little goes to them!

Thank you for reading this article. Some opinions expressed in this article might be controversial but I have tried to put down the “harsh facts” in an elaborate way!…

A Dog's View


I run and play all day long.
I live quite well as a dog.

I love my people and they love me;
We are all as happy as can be.

I love my two little boys.
I love playing with all my toys.

I love chasing anything that moves,
But once was reminded about horse hooves.

I am very gentle and kind;
The best friend you will ever find.…

Finding a Diet Plan that Suits Your Lifestyle


Are you uncertain how you can create a healthy weight loss diet plan? There are plenty of diets accessible that it quickly can become hard to keep a clear head on a weight loss diet plan that you could stay committed to as well as lose weight. This is because most diet programs do not match our personal needs. For instance, lots of people do not want to lose weight naturally through the elimination of an entire recommended food group like a diet plan that consists of absolutely no carbs. It's simply not convenient.

Should you be looking to locate a healthy weight loss program strategy that matches your needs here are some tips to acquire to get you started. Discover the basics of eating right. In order to create a diet regime, you need to discover the fundamentals of the right diet. Investigate exactly what meals tend to be good for you and discover meals you need to avoid more often than not. A great location to check on is your local book shop. While there are many stores out there that will help. Stick to a magazine that is straight forward as well as does not provide extravagant gimmicks. Your reource should be really basic and supply plenty of information upon eating right. It should be the source you are able to refer as well when you are refining as well as perfecting your personal diet plan.

An additional place to look is the internet. You can find a lot of excellent information about correct nutrition from numerous resources. Additionally, you'll find up to date info as well as keep the diet plan fresh through attempting brand new things as well. Keep in mind, creating a healthy weight loss diet plan that matches your needs is about researching what may work for you. Set the requirements of your diet plan. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to a proper weight loss diet plan. Everyone has unique tastes, lifestyles as well as social ideals. Embrace that and jot down all of the meals that you like. During your own investigation upon the right diet you will learn that certain foods are optimum for you personally and which meals can be harmful. Correct nutrition is a complex topic. Maintain a summary of these foods therefore you have a make-up revision if necessary to your plan.

Another essential strategy is that your weight loss program plan ought to fit yourself, not really the other way around. Nutritious diet plans which fit your lifestyle design are easier and much more persuasive to check out as well as stick with. For instance, if you're a parent or gaurdian the food options shouldn't be abstract of what the remainder of your family eats. In other words, your meals should be the same as exactly what your loved ones consume.

Produce a plan each week. Preparing is the key in order to avoid failure and ensure success along with sustaining your diet plan. Very first, your own strategy ought to consist of your short term objectives. For example, I will drop 2 lbs is really a objective goal. Make use of your intententions to think through trouble spots for the week. A few examples of typical problem areas are, evenings whenever you eat at restaurants, college lunch features, working late, little league snacks, video games snacks, days that require a lot of driving and ordering out in the office. Your everyday menu of meals should be included with your own plan as well as approx . times that you'll be consuming. It's also wise to set up meals or two as cheat foods.

With a little investigation and preparing you can create a healthy weight loss diet strategy. A person simply needs to find out about feeding your body correctly and determine exactly what will be the match for you. Once you are working with your own strategy, then you will have the ability to be consistent in regards to staying with your diet.…