How Governments Can Promote Agriculture


Reluctance by governments to award agriculture a wider nod in their national budgets has already yielded the bad results we are already noticing. The global food shortage-just one of the many bad results has been geared by the failure to support farmers at the grass roots. Something there fore has to be done if planet earth must succumb to more of food production as opposed to the little currently on the markets. Here are some ways we can do it.

The structuring of farmer organizations can be another great idea .it’s working wonders in some countries in Africa. Most of these organizations operate on a value-chain phenomenon. The perfect example is Uganda. In Uganda, funds channeled in their national agricultural advisory services program reach the farmers at the grassroots. this money aid them in acquiring a grain miller for say a certain farmer organization concentrating on maize growing and a honey extractor for the bee keepers. This methodology enables farmers put more products on market.

Many of our crops on the planet will continually perish if we fail to write off ignorance. Taking thirty minutes off, I paid the nursery bed of another Were-a peasant farmer in my village a visit. He shocked me when he explained he was demising the bacteria that had attacked his nursery bed by the use of extreme hot water. He in fact made me notice his nursery was positioned under a big mango tree which he claimed was shielding his “babies” from the scorching sun. Don’t you many of our farmers still need in plenty agriculture information and advice?

It therefore necessitates not governments to incline to only industrialization and modernization when we are still not sure of the disappearance of the current food crisis. I believe if our governments remember and help out the prodigal son-agriculture through the above actions, trust me-this state of quagmire can be history.

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