Healthy Surprise: Monthly Snack Delivery


Monthly box subscriptions are on the rise. The idea of having goods, be it food, healthy and beauty supplies, household items, and other various products, delivered to your door for a minimal fee per month is quite ingenious and had not been around for very long but it catching hold very quickly. There is a wide array of subscriptions available on the internet, some good and some possible scams. Figuring out which is which could take some trial and error, but Healthy Surprise is one subscription that should be at the top of your list.

Healthy Surprise markets themselves with catch lines such as "Healthy snacks made easy." and "Delicious healthy snacks delivered monthly." They also claim that all of their snacks are vegan, gluten-free, and natural. As is well known, a gluten-free diet is something that has become more desirable these days due to the harmful effects gluten has on some individuals and it is not always easy to find good snacks in the grocery store without burning a small, or large, hole in one's pocket. Marketing themselves as supplying vegan and natural snacks also opens them to a wide variety of people such as vegans, vegetarians, health-conscious, athletes, and pretty much everyone in between.

A few examples of what actually comes in a box are items such as baked-dried cherries, oat bars, energy bars, fruit bars, nuts, and a variety of sweet and salty snacks to satisfy any palate. Closer examination of the nutritional facts and ingredients does indeed confirm that these snacks are vegan, natural, gluten-free, and healthy, most products having 10 ingredients or less. Most of these items you cannot find in a normal grocery store and being able to try something before making the commitment to purchase speaks to a lot of people in this day and age, especially in this economy.

So the big question comes down to cost, right? A service like this has certainly got to be a bit pricey since what they are offering is new and different.

Not as much as you would think!

There are four different subscription options as well as some gift options. The options include $38 (including the $5 shipping) for 16 to 20 servings of snacks, $66 (with free shipping) for 32 to 40 servings of snacks, $99 for 50 to 60 servings, and $333 for 200 servings. The most popular options ordered is the "Healthy" box for $66 although for one person just trying out the service the "Starter" box is recommended.

All in all, this specific box subscription is well worth the money spent. While most of these subscription services run anywhere between $10 and $20 for samples, Healthy Surprise offers whole servings of a variety of snack items ranging in flavors, textures, and taste and will truly fit a need for any type of snacks one happens to be in the mood. As an added benefit, the simple act of having these items delivered to your door every month takes the guess work out of snack finding in a grocery store. If for any reason a person is dissatisfied with the service it is easy to cancel the subscription without any hassle. On the other hand, it is also simple to upgrade to a bigger box if needed. Their customer service is top notch and very attentive to the needs of their customers.

Customizing a box is not possible because that would simply ruin the surprise!


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