Healthy Eating Habits for College Students


The big difference in eating habits for college students is the lack of home cooking. Gone are the well balanced meals that mom made at home. College students now have the freedom to select the food that they want to eat in the college cafeteria. For many college students, this is the first time in their life that they establish their weekly and daily diet. The temptation of fast food is ever more present. This article provides some suggestions to help college students eat healthy.

Do not skip breakfast: A good breakfast gets your metabolism revved up early. It provides mind energy for classes and studying. If you don’t want to wait in the cafeteria line, you can eat things like a bagel, yogurt, fruit or juice. You can even keep these in your dorm.

Late night cravings can’t be avoided: Studying late at night leads to a hungry appetite. Avoid the fast food restaurants and go with crackers, nuts, fruit and light calorie snacks. If you must eat fast food, avoid fats. Stay away from fried foods. Go with half portion sandwiches or reduced size pizza. Share a sandwich with a friend. Sub sandwiches are easy to do.

Water is great: Start your day and finish it with a cold glass of water. Water flushes your system. It keeps you away from calorie filled soft drinks.

Take it home: Don’t leave it or toss it. Get a carry out box or bag and take your leftovers with you. Besides, it will save you some money.

Call mom at home: When I was in college, I would call my mom and she would make food for me to take back to college. She would place it in air tight containers. Most would last till Thursday for me. Remember you are still mom’s little baby. Mothers still like to be needed. Just give her plenty of time to prepare the meals for you.

Scout the cafeteria: Know where the best food is located. Pick up weekly menus. You can then establish a good weekly diet for yourself.

As a student, it is up to you to plan your meals and eat healthy. It is very easy to develop bad eating habits and put on extra pounds. If you are already over weight, this can lead to health issues early in your life.


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