Childrens Healthy Habits…NO Clowing Around


Growing up when I was younger was different from now. When I was a child fast food, and candy was a privilege. Now fast food is a survival, and candy is a "hold you over" until we can run Thur someplace. If family's had to sit down, and eat healthier dinners, children wouldn't be as heavy as they are now. Parents are working longer hours, more days which equals less time to spend with family and making dinner.

What ever happened to your food groups. Eating your daily servings of fruits and veg's has turned into, getting eggs in the morning at McDonald's, apple slices in your happy meal, and your dairy is your ice cream after dinner. if family's would take the time to put down the controllers, and go outside and play we wouldn't have child obesity problems.

I come from a very unhealthy family, and watching nieces and nephews grow up eating ice cream after school, then fast food for dinner, and cookies and cake after dinner while playing video games on the couch, shows how unhealthy family's have gotten. When my 8 year old niece weighs about as much as I do as a 22 year old, somethings need to be done to keep our children healthy.

Having unhealthy kids now is going to guarantee a unhealthy future. If Americans are unhealthy now, and it is getting even more unhealthy then there may be no future. Fast food places make the food seam healthy, but the truth is it has nothing good to it!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away……An apple a day from McDonald's doesn't work the same way. Fast food may have healthy choices, but eating an apple with a double cheeseburger, and a diet coke has no nutritional value. Kids want to eat at the fast food places to get toys, and play at the play place. The 10 minutes that kids get to play in the play zones is not going to keep America healthy.

Kids need to stop playing video games, and start eating healthy foods. if a family is a gaming family then the family needs things like the Wii, or the Xbox Kinect. These help get kids off the couch, and moving around. If things dint change now there will be no future.

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