Cheater's Diet: Why You Must Cheat to Lose Weight


Yes, you heard that right! There is a fundamental logic behind the Cheater's Diet (aka the Cheating Diet or Cheat to Lose diet) that differentiates it from any other diet and makes it successful for you to lose weight. Many of the most popular diets out there work at first but then you find yourself feeling discouraged and gaining the weight back. Want to know how the Cheater's Diet works? Read on.

1) Let yourself cheat a few times a week with the Cheater's Diet. The basic idea behind the Cheater's Diet is that in any particular week, you're on a diet restricted to 1,100-1,300 calories a day. However, you get to replace 1-3 diet meals a week with a real and satisfying meal. For example, you may eat 1,200 calories on Monday and do the same on Tuesday. But say on Wednesday you know you will be having a dinner with friends so you select this as your meal to cheat on. Before the dinner you may consume around 500-600 calories for breakfast and lunch in line with the Cheater's Diet, but for your dinner with friends you can actually let yourself eat like everyone else at the table and forget you are on a diet! You will be on the 1,100-1,300 calorie per day limit for the rest of the week on the Cheater's Diet but can allow yourself to replace up to 2 more diet meals with a full meal. You shouldn't allow yourself to cheat with more than 3 meals in a week, but it is important for you to let yourself cheat at least once a week in order for the Cheater's Diet to work. There is a reason for this and keep reading to find out why!

2) When you let yourself cheat with the Cheater's Diet, that doesn't mean you just allow yourself to have a little cookie right after a salad, we are talking about letting yourself have those 2 slices of pizza followed by a chocolate cake! With the Cheater's Diet, it means go ahead and splurge on that bowl of cheesy and meaty pasta. Eat that burger with fries and down it with soda. You want to let yourself be absolutely satisfied. The only restriction you need with the Cheater's Diet is that you don't let yourself eat so much that you feel overly stuffed and start to get bloated or get a tummy ache. Other than that, enjoy your meal like how a non-dieter will!

3) Like I mentioned, with the Cheater's Diet you have to let yourself cheat at least once a week. The reason is that this is the surest way to make sure you keep your metabolism high and working for you. This is the key secret behind the Cheater's Diet. The problem with a lot of the other non-cheating diets is that you experience a lot of weight loss at first, but after some time you hit a plateau and find your weight stuck at the scale even though you're eating only 1,000 calories or less. The reason for this is when you put your body on a strict, low-calorie diet long enough, it starts to adapt to it and your metabolism slows down. Not only is this ineffective and can easily let you gain back the weight, it's also very discouraging. But with the Cheater's Diet, you're not giving your body a chance to adapt because every time you throw in one of the cheating meals into the mix, your body re-fires up its metabolism. With the Cheater's Diet, you will actually end up losing more weight in the long run even though you are eating more calories!

4) Something to look forward to: What also makes the Cheater's Diet different from the other diets is that you really have something to look forward to. When you let yourself have that satisfying meal, it really gives you the motivation and incentive you need to be good when you're not cheating and you're dieting. This really helps you to keep yourself on track. With the Cheater's Diet, you will be losing the weight slowly but at the same time it allows you to have a life! Save the 1-3 cheating meals a week for when you're out with friends and you won't have to feel anxious or deprived about just having a salad while everyone else eats the pizza and burgers. The Cheater's Diet will not only make you healthier and help you lose weight; it will also make you a much happier dieter.

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