Childrens Healthy Habits…NO Clowing Around


Growing up when I was younger was different from now. When I was a child fast food, and candy was a privilege. Now fast food is a survival, and candy is a "hold you over" until we can run Thur someplace. If family's had to sit down, and eat healthier dinners, children wouldn't be as heavy as they are now. Parents are working longer hours, more days which equals less time to spend with family and making dinner.

What ever happened to your food groups. Eating your daily servings of fruits and veg's has turned into, getting eggs in the morning at McDonald's, apple slices in your happy meal, and your dairy is your ice cream after dinner. if family's would take the time to put down the controllers, and go outside and play we wouldn't have child obesity problems.

I come from a very unhealthy family, and watching nieces and nephews grow up eating ice cream after school, then fast food for dinner, and cookies and cake after dinner while playing video games on the couch, shows how unhealthy family's have gotten. When my 8 year old niece weighs about as much as I do as a 22 year old, somethings need to be done to keep our children healthy.

Having unhealthy kids now is going to guarantee a unhealthy future. If Americans are unhealthy now, and it is getting even more unhealthy then there may be no future. Fast food places make the food seam healthy, but the truth is it has nothing good to it!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away……An apple a day from McDonald's doesn't work the same way. Fast food may have healthy choices, but eating an apple with a double cheeseburger, and a diet coke has no nutritional value. Kids want to eat at the fast food places to get toys, and play at the play place. The 10 minutes that kids get to play in the play zones is not going to keep America healthy.

Kids need to stop playing video games, and start eating healthy foods. if a family is a gaming family then the family needs things like the Wii, or the Xbox Kinect. These help get kids off the couch, and moving around. If things dint change now there will be no future.…

Healthy Lifestyle Choices for Rejuvenation


Live a longer, healthier life and enjoy life more with these helpful rejuvenating and detoxifying tips for restoring your health. You will have fun trying the natural healing methods to rejuvenate and give new life to your skin and your body. The easy treatments help you by detoxifying and rejuvenating your body. The refreshing treatments and more healthy habits will also prevent degeneration.

Many health and beauty problems are associated with toxins in the body and though some may be assumed to be signs of aging they can be reversed by getting more rest and exercise and detoxifying. Establishing more healthy patterns of behavior can also help to restore health and rejuvenate your body. Some examples are eating fresh food not processed food, drinking more water and herbal tea and less coffee and alcohol, deep breathing and not smoking, having routine exercise and detoxifying. A vegetarian diet will help by adding more nutrients and more fiber to your diet with less calories, less saturated fat and less toxins.

Puffiness and dry and sagging skin can be improved dramatically with massage, acupressure and better rest habits. Taking some time out to rest during the day can be a refreshing beauty treatment. Deep breathing then will also release tension, reduce toxins and help you relax and feel refreshed. Breathing is another way your body eliminates toxins. When you breathe deeply you are inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide and toxins. Deep breathing also helps by massaging organs and stimulating the lymphatic system. Deep breathing burns calories and increases metabolism.

Detoxifying can be as easy as deep breathing or drinking herbal tea or light exercise like walking or doing housework. Anyone can easily and pleasantly relax and detoxify by sitting in a massage chair or lying on a massage mat for a refreshing health or beauty rest. Deep breathing then will also help to remove toxins, replenish oxygen and increase metabolism. Massagers, massage chairs and massage pads also help to release tension, ease stress, relax muscles and improve moods.

Acupressure massages are easy to do and also helpful detoxifying beauty treatments. Massaging the face, head, ears, neck, arms, hands and feet will help to stimulate circulation and eliminate toxins. Acupressure massages also help to tone, relax and freshen the skin and muscles. You will also like the affordable easy to use acupressure mats and shoes that help to increase circulation, reduce toxins and release endorphins.

Toxins tend to accumulate in the feet so a foot massage, foot massager, foot bath or detox patches may be very helpful in reducing toxins. Lying on a massage mat or massaging your legs and feet will help to eliminate toxins. Reflexology foot massages will help and can be facilitated with products like reflexology massagers, socks, slippers, sandals and shoes.

Your skin is a large organ of protection and elimination so many impurities may accumulate in the lymph under your skin. Massage, herbal wraps, foot baths, brushing, body scrubs and detox patches can help to eliminate accumulated toxins through the skin. Activities that make you sweat also help because sweating is one way your body releases toxins. Exercise also helps to get the blood flowing, oxygenate, nourish and freshen the skin. When you give yourself a massage, brush or scrub treatment you should massage or scrub most of your body, especially areas with more lymph nodes like the chest, stomach, abdomen, pelvis and knees.

Making more healthy choices, exercise, resting, detoxifying and massage will help to reduce tension, acne, bloating, gas, fatigue, cellulite and other health problems. Circulation to the skin will be restored and the skin will be refreshed. Your skin will look healthier and you will feel better. You should try to incorporate at least 30 minutes of exercise in to your day including stretching, walking, housework and other activities. You should also try to get enough rest at night. Getting at least 7 to 8 hours of rest every night will help to prevent dark circles under eyes. These healthy habits will improve your health, rejuvenate you and extend your life.…

Ensure that Your Child Grows Up Healthy


Every parent wants the best for their child. Every parent would like their child to be a healthy grown up. Though parenting is difficult even for the most well adjusted adults, there are certain things you can do to ensure that your child grows up healthy. Following are some suggestions to help you help your child grow up healthy:

Teach your child to maintain a healthy diet:

A balanced diet with more good foods than bad will go a long way toward promoting health. The bulk of your child's calories should come from fruits, vegetables, whole grains, foods high in complex carbohydrates, and fiber. Saturated fats should be avoided, especially as your child gets older. Choose low fat meats and proteins. Limiting sugar intake will make for a happier mom, dad and child. That said, your child should enjoy their food. Make fun, creative, healthy meals that your child can enjoy. Teach your child about nutrition and moderation. If your child has the necessary knowledge and habits as he or she becomes an adult, you will have done your job.

Teach your child to exercise:

The single most important factor to life long physical wellness is exercise. Promoting good exercise habits in your youngster will go a long way toward creating a healthy adult. Children learn exercise through play. Find fun physical activities for your child to be involved in. Team sports like soccer, baseball, football, etc. are great, but you'll also want to expose your child to life long wellness activities. Sports like skiing, tennis, golf and running are great life long activities that will promote good exercise habits

Teach your child to build healthy relationships:

Mental health impacts physical health. Your child deserves to feel loved and cared for. You teach your child about relationships by the way that you relate to the people in your life. Be conscious about being a positive role model in your child's life. Build self esteem in your child by allowing your child to experience success. Teach your youngster to be happy and enjoy life.

Teach Responsibility

The single most important factor in creating a healthy adult is instilling in your child a sense of responsibility. Adults need to understand that they are responsible for their health. Adults need to know that they are responsible for their nutrition, their exercise habits and their happiness. Teach your child to be responsible by setting a good example and then letting your child find their way in this world. The more practice your youngster has making decisions, the better your child will make decisions as a grown up.;col1…

Healthy Eating Habits for College Students


The big difference in eating habits for college students is the lack of home cooking. Gone are the well balanced meals that mom made at home. College students now have the freedom to select the food that they want to eat in the college cafeteria. For many college students, this is the first time in their life that they establish their weekly and daily diet. The temptation of fast food is ever more present. This article provides some suggestions to help college students eat healthy.

Do not skip breakfast: A good breakfast gets your metabolism revved up early. It provides mind energy for classes and studying. If you don’t want to wait in the cafeteria line, you can eat things like a bagel, yogurt, fruit or juice. You can even keep these in your dorm.

Late night cravings can’t be avoided: Studying late at night leads to a hungry appetite. Avoid the fast food restaurants and go with crackers, nuts, fruit and light calorie snacks. If you must eat fast food, avoid fats. Stay away from fried foods. Go with half portion sandwiches or reduced size pizza. Share a sandwich with a friend. Sub sandwiches are easy to do.

Water is great: Start your day and finish it with a cold glass of water. Water flushes your system. It keeps you away from calorie filled soft drinks.

Take it home: Don’t leave it or toss it. Get a carry out box or bag and take your leftovers with you. Besides, it will save you some money.

Call mom at home: When I was in college, I would call my mom and she would make food for me to take back to college. She would place it in air tight containers. Most would last till Thursday for me. Remember you are still mom’s little baby. Mothers still like to be needed. Just give her plenty of time to prepare the meals for you.

Scout the cafeteria: Know where the best food is located. Pick up weekly menus. You can then establish a good weekly diet for yourself.

As a student, it is up to you to plan your meals and eat healthy. It is very easy to develop bad eating habits and put on extra pounds. If you are already over weight, this can lead to health issues early in your life.


HIV-Related Health Issues: Early Signs and Management of Lipodystrophy


In disproportionate fat distribution is common in many diseases and illnesses. For adults who live with HIV, this fat irregularity can have life threatening health complications. While there are many health complications that arise out of an HIV diagnosis, the condition involving fat irregularities, known as lipodystrophy often requires immediate health attention.

Lipodystrophy is the health complication that involves both a change in metabolic processes as well as a change in peripheral fat and central fat distribution. While lipodystrophy can occur in many diseases and illness, it is most commonly found among adults who live with HIV. The underlying basis for development of lipodystrophy in HIV patients is believed to be associated with the use of highly potent antiretroviral therapy.

If you, or someone you loves, is living with HIV, it is important to know what the warning signs of early lipodystrophy development may be. Most commonly the face, buttocks, arms and legs will begin to show a wasting or abnormal fat distribution. In contrast additional fat will begin to accumulate around the neck, back, abdomen and around the upper back or shoulder area. When confirmed as suffering from lipodystrophy, a dermatologist or plastic surgeon may be able to offer some health solutions for HIV patients.

Treating the areas where atrophy has occurred, these healthcare professionals can usually apply an injection technique that involves the use of autologous fat. When not available, your healthcare professional may recommend the use of soft tissue filler from another area of the body. While some manufactured facial fillers can be used, it is best to utilize your body's natural tissue as it provides for the best outcome.

In the case of excess fat accumulation, the use of liposuction is most common and is successful at removing the additional fat deposits along the abdomen, neck, back and shoulder region. This, of course, does not address the complications associated with underlying cause of the development of lipodystrophy in HIV patients. If you notice that your fat distributions are imposing an excessive amount of distress, it may be important to seek medical attention to remove or re-distribute the fat accordingly. However, it will also be important to discuss medication management in the process. For many HIV patients, even after treatment to improve complications of lipodystrophy, if the underlying cause and origin is not resolved, the metabolic issues and development of new atrophy complications will arise. When living with HIV, this is one of the many health complications that must be addressed in the course of disease management.…

After School Snacks for Children: Keep it Healthy


After school snacks are a necessity for most children. Lunch was hours ago, and even if it wasn't, most kids get off the school bus ravenous. It's easy to have convenience foods on hand for the busy hours that span from after school through dinner time. But, prepackaged convenience snacks often aren't the best choice. They are loaded with fat, calories, sugar and preservatives. Luckily, there are some healthy choices that are more delicious and just as easy to prepare as prepackaged snacks.


A crisp, crunchy apple or a juicy, ripe orange both make quick, delicious snacks. Most fruits need minimal, if any, preparation to eat. The natural sugars and high fiber content will give your kids energy and fill their stomachs as they wait for dinner. The extra vitamins that fresh fruits are loaded with are another plus of this convenient snack.

Garbanzo Beans

Otherwise known as chick peas, garbanzo beans are a high-fiber powerhouse. Kids love to munch on these protein-filled snacks. Simply open a can, dump the beans in a strainer and rinse. The beans are ready to eat plain and will provide lots of energy for active children.

Frozen Berries

For those with a sweet tooth, frozen berries are a good snack choice. Blueberries taste like hard candies when frozen. Not only do they become super sweet, but they are the nutritional gold standard. Buying a bag of frozen berries from the grocery store is an economical way to get berries into your children's diets. They are available throughout the year in the frozen foods section.


Toast made from healthy, whole-wheat bread and spread with all-natural preserves is a delicious after school snack. Served with a glass of cold milk, it provides healthy carbohydrates and protein to give your school kids energy enough to plow through the toughest of homework assignments. As an alternative to jam or jelly, cinnamon sugar or honey make wonderful toppings.


Cheese can be expensive, but it is a filling snack. Served with fruit and crackers, it is the equivalent of a small meal. This is an especially good snack on those days when dinner is going to be a little later than normal. It will keep the children from getting hungry and spoiling their appetites with other, less healthy alternatives.


Plain yogurt, fruit juice, a banana, and frozen berries mixed in a blender will make a fun snack that feels like a treat. The fruit will sweeten the yogurt naturally, so there is no need to buy anything other than plain yogurt. These are great served on a hot day, especially when the kids will be running back outdoors for play time with their friends.


Skip the microwave popcorn, which is loaded with preservatives and artificial flavorings, and make popcorn in an air popper. Add melted butter and a light sprinkle of salt for a very filling after school snack.

Snacks don't have to come in individual serving-size packages with cartoon characters on the label. The healthiest snacks are packaged a little more plainly, but are just as delicious and more filling than any of the prepackaged snacks. These healthy alternatives will keep your school-aged child on the right track to a healthy lifestyle.…

How to Raise a Healthy Child with Healthy Habits


I don't recall anyone ever giving me a handbook on how to raise a child; a healthy child for that matter. Basically, soon after delivery you were on your own; bid farewell by the hospital staff and wheeled out to the parking lot. "Good luck!" was the words echoing in your ears as you drove off.

You feel completely isolated and unsure of what to do next; however, caring for babies is the least of your concerns. At least for babies, health and nutrition equal breast milk and/or formula. Besides, babies have a way of expressing their wants and when they want it. Not so is the case for a growing toddler, experiencing the taste of real food for the very first time. This is when you need to instill good nutrition and healthy eating habits.

Establish Healthy Eating Habits

Yes, it's cute to see a child's eyes light up with expression of oohs and ahs from the very first taste of something yummy (like sweets). But… by introducing unhealthy choices rather than foods filled with nutrition, you're running the risk of creating some unhealthy eating habits. Be consistent with offering healthy food choices such as plenty of fruits and vegetables and you'll have a better chance of your child retaining that life style as he/she grows. Resist the urge to tempt your toddler by setting some ground rules for yourself and what you keep in your cupboards. Remember, it's a strong, healthy child you want to raise not Willy Wonka.

One obstacle I'm positive you'll have to overcome when it pertains to junk food is Grandparents. All Grandparents, even my children's feel that they're entitled to feed your child what ever they want. Though I can't guarantee you'll be completely in charge of the situation, I would suggest that you talk to them about the healthy lifestyle you are trying to maintain for your kids. Perhaps they will respect that/or not.

As your child grows and exhibits self-sufficiency, they're need to raid the refrigerator becomes more obvious. Again, keep an ample supply of easy-to-grab snacks that are inviting and pleasing to the eye, along with being nutritious. Keep a drawer or a cupboard especially designed for their snacking needs. Cull the carbonated beverages or drinks filled with sugar. Instead make available ice water, milk, and the occasional 100% juice. Choice is essential but choice with limits is necessary for strong and healthy children.

As a rule of thumb, meals are eaten at the table and not in front of the television, in their bedrooms, or while continuing an activity. In my experience as a parent, these evil habits have led to over-eating, not eating enough, and forgetting what they ate because they were so consumed with every other thing going on around them. Like me, a working parent, I know that it's sometimes very difficult to commit to certain meal times; however, establishing some kind of routine will help them in the long run.

Promote Exercise and Healthy Activities

Nutrition is not the only key to raising a healthy child; it's exercise and activity as well. Keeping a child active is becoming more trying then it used to be. Unfortunately, kids are spending more and more time consumed by video games or the television. More unfortunate are the parents that are allowing it. Instead of mustering up the energy to get your child moving, it's more convenient for us to let this unhealthy activity continue. As a child of the 60's I never had the modern-day conveniences they do now. We played outside from dawn to dusk. Nobody had to tell us to get out and exercise; playing was exercise. But now, to create healthy activity we also have to lead by example. Yes, we parents are also guilty of lounging around on the couch with our little remote controls or laptop computers.

Encourage your child to participate in at least one physical activity; whether it's a sport, a game, or riding a bike. And yes, as parent, we also have to contribute to this effort. Put limits on certain un-fulfilling activities and promote healthy ones. My children decided to take part in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. I feel that this was the best choice for my boys because their range of likes and dislikes varied considerably. Plus, the scouts promote a healthy and active lifestyle which in return took a lot of the load off my shoulders. They participate in several outdoor activities per month and are excited about staying fit. Surrounding them with positive influence has created a welcoming environment.

By developing healthy eating and activity habits at an early age, I have established healthy and strong children for their lifetime, which in return could trickle down to their children.

Sources: Personal Experiences…

Healthy, Fresh, Diet Delivery Meals in Houston, Texas


In Houston, Texas we have so many amazing types of foods to choose from it is hard to diet or not gain weight. We have fresh seafood from the Gulf of Mexico, old fashioned southern cooking, Creole cuisine and authentic Mexican food, which makes it hard to eat healthy. A combination of large food portions, hectic schedules and so many wonderful regional food choices it can make it very hard for those trying to lose or maintain their weight. Fortunately we have some great options for those looking for great tasting, healthy, well balanced meals. And the best thing is that these pre-packaged meals are so convenient you can even have them delivered. Here are three companies where you can get the best food, brought right to your door.

Bistro M.D.

Featured on the television on "NBC, "The Biggest Loser" and the "Dr. Phil Show" where he called it "The Best Home Meal Delivery Imaginable" these fully cooked, chef prepared meals are delicious. This program is designed for those who want to lose weight but is appropriate for everyone, even those who are diabetic or pre-diabetic. The meals are not freeze dried, these are freshly prepared meals with the best, healthy ingredients. Your meals are delivered by FedEx right to your door for your families convenience.

Once you choose your meal plan from a 5 or 7 day option, with or without snacks you order them online or by phone. Then they come to you quickly with information to guide you towards healthy weight loss. You even have access to a registered dietician for guidance. Here you can see the different meals available and their pricing. Some of the benefits of these prepackaged meals are no cooking, no cleaning, great meal variety and they are gourmet quality. The health benefits of these healthy meals are to help you lower your cholesterol, lose weight, jump start your metabolism and improve your heart health. Check out a sample of the tasty fresh meals you get to choose. Whether your goal is to lose weight, eat healthy or you are just too busy to cook this is a great service for all.?

Diet Gourmet

Another wonderful option for pick up or delivery of healthy prepackaged meals in the Houston area. All of their foods do not contain any artificial colors, preservatives, flavors, colors or hydrogenated trans fats. The foods are prepared with the finest ingredients and the meals are calorie calculated for you. They offer a wide choice of meals for those on all kinds of special diets and restrictions. They have for people with diabetes, organic and natural meals for children, carb-friendly meals, protein only meals, and even vegetarian diet meals that are lacto-ovo.

They offer the option of buying foods A La Carte as seen here, or in five week meal plans. They also have different weekly specials you can see what they offer monthly. Your meals are packaged in dry ice and shipped overnight for a small additional fee. Meal prices seen here go by calories and for special diets like for children and vegetarian. As you can see the meals are not only for losing weight they are a wonderful way for you and your whole family to eat healthy.

Epicurean Lite

Part of the Epicurean Group which is a full service Houston catering company that emphasizes fine foods and healthy cuisine. Epicurean Lite was founded in 1995 under the name Living Lean, they were started for those who do not have the time or expertise to prepare nutritious, healthy meals. Their meals are trans fat free, no MSG and no preservatives. You have the option of picking up your meals or convenient delivery to your home.

Here you can view all the delicious fresh meals available and all the nutritional information. You can see which meals are heart healthy, Vegetarian, calorie count and even Weight Watchers points. Made with the finest ingredients you will see these meals will satisfy everyone dieting or not, these are not boring, bland foods. Some of their foods include: Cajun Red Beans & Rice, Custom Vegetarian Platter, Kid's meals and Tex-Mex taco salad. Here you will find more contact information and how to order by fax or online to start getting your delicious delivery meals to enjoy them fast.…