A College Student's Guide to Healthy Eating


As a college student, I see first hand the poor choices college students make on a daily basis, and their direct effects on a person's health. The main reason college students make poor decisions concerning diet is the fact that they are uneducated on the topic. These poor decisions are heightened by the fact most college students don't exercise, and make other poor health choices.

For incoming freshman, college can be very intimidating and lonely. To help make the transition easier, students rely on those things that are familiar to them. More often than not, this is in the form of food. What types of food? Usually those defined as comfort foods, like deserts and other unhealthy options. This is the first step in starting a destructive eating cycle.

Another factor that leads to poor dieting is new freedom. In combination with a constant availability of food, this freedom can lead to a rush to consume unhealthy foods. This will also add into the habit of eating poorly at school. The main time college students make poor eating decisions is late at night. Most campus's dining facilities will close in the evening, leaving masses of hungry students looking for food late at night. Instead of a healthy meal, most kids will prefer to order food, especially pizza. They will feel pressured to join in eating because it's the "thing to do".

The first step for eating healthy is to make a commitment. If the student isn't serious about making positive changes, they stand little chance against the pressures and temptations of college. The next step is education. A person can't be expected to make the right decision if they don't know that that choice is. Because it is sometimes difficult to decipher between healthy and unhealthy, here are some tips. If something looks unhealthy, it probably is. Things to stay away from are fried foods, such as fries and pizza. Loaded with fat, these foods provide little nutritional value. Desserts should also be limited or cut out completely. These sugary and fatty snacks easily can make a meal unhealthy.

Staying away from the bad foods help, but the real differences are made in choosing the most beneficial foods. Start off with the beverage. The only healthy option is water. Everyday I see students drinking sugary soda, and it is perhaps the easiest part of a diet to fix. Next is the main "dish". Choose something balanced that is enjoyable but still healthy. An example would be lean meat or fish, or a sandwich made with whole-wheat bread. Pasta is a good choice too as long as it's whole grain. Additionally, every meal should be accompanied by a fruit or vegetable. Many students usually have a salad as part of their meal, which is excellent. However, this can be a trap for many students. Be smart in your choice of lettuce, because only some offer nutritional value (Iceberg lettuce is mainly water; spinach offers the most vitamins and minerals). Also, easy on the dressing. It kind of cancels out the point of eating a salad if it is drowned in fatty dressing. As for late night snacking, having healthier options in the room such as bread and peanut butter, or cereal will help students eat better around the clock.

Students also need to adapt a healthier lifestyle, including exercise and better daily choices. This will help maximize the benefits of eating healthier. Students need to use their best judgment when deciding which foods to consume. By developing good eating habits, students can continue a healthier lifestyle long after college.…

Healthy and Seasonal Eating This Spring: Asparagus


With spring approaching, I tend to think more about healthy eating. After a long, cold winter of craving steaming bowls of soup and buttery rolls on the side, I find myself ready for something light and refreshing. The best way to get into the spirit of the new season is to eat the food that is in season.

One of my favorite spring vegetables is asparagus. It is naturally fat free and it's also low in calories and sodium. In most areas, the harvest begins in mid to late April. It can be eaten raw, or you may choose cook it using various methods. We will discuss some of these methods later on.

You may be wondering how to select asparagus at the market. The freshest stems are firm and you want the tips to be tight. They come in various sizes, from very thin to thick spears. The thin asparagus will cook through faster but the thicker ones are more tender. You will need to select based on the method you choose to prepare them. Regardless of size, be sure to wash them thoroughly and snap the ends off before you do anything else.

If you choose to have raw asparagus, select thick spears and use a vegetable peeler to first peel the skin off. Then use the same peeler to make thin slices. Toss the asparagus with a great extra virgin olive oil and rich balsamic vinegar. All you need is to season it with sea salt and fresh ground black pepper and you have a great side for dinner.

Most people choose to cook asparagus. You have so many options here, from a quick saute to oven roasting to grilled. My personal favorite for all year round is roasting it, keeping it simple once again with olive oil, salt, and pepper. However, with warmer weather comes grilling weather. If you choose thin asparagus for this process, be sure to put down aluminum foil or you may lose some stems before you finish!

Asparagus is a very versatile vegetable and one of my personal favorites. I hope that if you haven't yet taken the time to try it in the past that you will take the opportunity to do so this spring!

Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board, "Questions About Asparagus", http://www.asparagus.com…

Late Night Eating: Healthy Substitutes for Unhealthy Cravings


Some of us get the strongest cravings late at night before bed or in the middle of the night. Instead of choosing unhealthy snacks or foods to munch on in the late night hours, try replacing them with healthier substitutes. The benefit of eating healthier at night includes the negative effects of continuous weight gain. It is advised that you should not eat after a certain time of the day in order for food to be properly digested before you go to sleep. But sometimes you really want a snack and a healthy option is your best bet.

Instead of chowing down on greasy leftover pizza or anything else that you ate earlier that day, try fixing yourself a small deli sandwich. If you stock your fridge with deli such as turkey and whole grain bread, you can make a quick sandwich with a small apple on the side.

If you are craving sweets, steer clear from Reeses, bite-sized Snickers or any other kind of candy. Instead, go for some fresh fruits like strawberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, apples and pineapple. Fresh fruit can be more appealing if it is pre-cut and already mixed into a fun and fresh fruit salad. You can cut up a medley of different fruits before you go to sleep. Having fresh fruit already cut and waiting for you in the fridge is probably the best option for late night snacking.

Sometimes, you might be craving a nice bowl of your favorite ice cream late at night. Substitute ice cream with a cup of yogurt or applesauce. You can even add some fruit to your yogurt to make it interesting. Also, some people forget how delicious apple sauce really is. It could be the perfect snack choice at night if paired with a handful of pretzels to contrast the sweet flavors. Pretzels are also a great substitute for potato chip cravings.

The best way to satisfy for late night cravings is by preparing for them in advance so that you do not make unhealthy snack choices in the middle of the night. Just by having cut up fruit in your fridge, you eliminate possible bad food choices.…

Atlanta's Secrets to a Healthy Lifestyle


In case you have lost track of time 2013 is here. We have rung in the New Year and there is a chance that resolution you were certain to fulfill has already flopped. You are not alone. According to research from the University of Scranton, only 8% of Americans successfully achieve their New Year's resolutions. 80% of people have failed by January 20. We have already passed that deadline so to the 92% percent of you in Atlanta do not worry. If you want to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle I have your inside scoop.


Atlanta is a city with landscape. Amongst the sky rises in midtown and traffic in all corners of the city there is a 189-acre escape, otherwise known as Piedmont Park. I am not going to suggest the swimming, basketball, or tennis courts, although they are all kudos to the park, but the classes and groups to meet are the real advantage of this place. I joined the Atlanta Track Club over a year ago and have enjoyed the membership benefits. Their website lists upcoming events all over the metro Atlanta area. 5Ks, marathons, fun-runs, you name it. Other features include training programs and running spots with your 411 on routes and trails for all distances. The best offering is the page of Atlanta Weekly Running Groups where you can meet other local runners and form some accountability partners any day of the week in a handful of different locations including the Piedmont Park neighborhood. This is an inexpensive way to stay fit and meet new people.


My Red Hot Yoga membership has been one of the best additions to my new year. The peacefulness you get from yoga in 105 degree temperatures with a humidity of 40% is one of the best ways to relax and shed that extra weight. You leave every class as if you have just had a full body cleanse. It can be of use to detoxify, aide in circulation and cardiac health, skin care, stress, the benefits are numerous. There is always a Groupon deal as well – be sure to check it out!

In order to compliment your running and relaxation and to maintain that healthy lifestyle you desire, Café Sunflower is a must. Located in Buckhead and Sandy Springs, it is one of Atlanta's best vegetarian restaurants but appeals to everyone. The assortment of dishes catered to any craving makes Café Sunflower's offerings a healthy way to eat out and keep that figure.


Anna Elliott was born and raised in Atlanta, and has been a member of several organizations around the Atlanta Area. Although she works in marketing during the day, she is most passionate about encouraging a healthy lifestyle, friends and family, and exploring the ins and outs of her great city.…

Enjoying Extra Dark Chocolate Can Reap Health Benefits


Recent research has shown that dark chocolate can have beneficial health effects. In a Britisg study, participants who ate 3.5 ounces of dark chocolate every day had a significant drop in blood pressure when compared to a group that did not eat chocolate. Chocolate has also been shown to useful in the treatment of mild to moderate depression and diabetes. Chocolate as a health food may sound contrary to everything you were taught about nutrition, but if you strip out the high amount of fat and sugar added to chocolate candy, you can enjoy the benefits of chocolate without damaging your waistline.

The recent glut of news about the benefits of dark chocolate has raised consumer awareness of high cocoa percentage bars. Milk chocolate contains as little as 20% cocoa. Regular dark chocolate contains as little as 35% cocoa, but the new super darks contain 70% to 99% cocoa. Higher cocoa content increases the health benefits and reduces the amount of chocolate you must eat to experience benefits. Super dark chocolate is an acquired taste, and different chocolate companies are known for different flavor undertones making it easy for chocolate lovers to find a bar to suit their taste.

To ease your way into eating high percentage chocolate, begin with a 65% to 70% bar like Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa Bar. Widely available at mass retailers like target, the Lindt 70% bar is intense chocolate, but red fruit notes and slightly sweeter than other 70% bars. At $2.50 per bar, this is an excellent bargain and a good introduction to higher end chocolate. For a single origin bar, Pralus 75% Madagascar is an interesting choice. Slightly more tart than most Madagascar chocolates, it makes an interesting comparison for new chocolate connoisseurs. At $7.99 per bar, this is a pricers indulgence, and it can be difficult to locate in stores, but it is widely available for order online.

After you taste buds have been acclimated to a stronger chocolate, you may want to try higher percentage chocolates. Lindt's 85% Excellence bar is one of the highest regarded extra bitter chocolates, despite its wide availability and low price point. Like it's 70% cousin, it has strong red notes, but also a strong coffee finish. It is noticeably less sweet than lower percentage bars. It makes a nice counterpoint to a strong cup of coffee or red wine.

It is important to note that eating high content chocolate is different than munching your way through a Hershey bar. When eating high end chocolate, eat small amounts and allow the chocolate to melt and coat the tongue. This eating method allows the different notes of the roast to be enjoyed.

While high cocoa content fine chocolate is more expensive than milk chocolate candy, a smaller portion is necessary so you can enjoy health benefits without hurting your budget or your diet.…

Brown-Bagging It: 5 Low-Cost Healthy Lunches


In this economy, more and more people are turning to brown-bag lunches instead of buying their lunch at the work cafeteria or local food court. It's a smart move too, considering that the average cost for a quick lunch-on-the-go is about $8. That adds up to over $2000 per year if you bought your lunch every work day of the year. Bringing your lunch everyday is not only a cost-saver, but it can be much more healthy too. Here are my top 5 suggestions for brown-bag meals.

  1. Tuna salad. Tuna is cheap, healthy & filling. The best thing about tuna salad is that it only takes about 2 minutes to prepare in the morning. Stock up on cans of tuna and you'll always have a supply ready to go. I prepare mine with mayo and chopped pickles, and prefer to ditch the sandwich and just eat it with a fork from tupperware. Cost: about $1.
  2. Lasagna or any other type of bulk casserole. While this may take about an hour to prepare at the beginning of the week–I recommend cooking this on Sunday afternoon–it will only take you about 10 seconds every morning to put a square of lasagna into tupperware. Better yet, pre-portion out the lasagna on Sunday after it cools and you can stock your fridge or freezer with 5-10 single serve containers of lasagna that make a perfect grab & go lunch. Cost: about $2 per serving.
  3. Good old PB&J.; Now, before you picture this old standby packed in a spiderman lunchbox, ask yourself when you last had a Peanut butter & jelly sandwich. Not only are they surprisingly tasty, but the peanut butter provides fat & protein which has a lot of staying power and will make you feel satisfied for the rest of the day. My suggestion to make this into a healthier grown-up option is to ditch the white bread and use a nice hearty whole grain bread instead. For a special twist, try peanut butter with marshmallow fluff instead of jelly. Cost: less than $1.
  4. Fat Salad. I use the term "Fat Salad" because if I just said "Salad" you probably would have skipped this entire paragraph, am I right? The key to making a salad into a meal is adding fat. Use a full-fat dressing that you really like, feta cheese or shredded mozzarella, or even real crumbled bacon. Make a fresh garden salad the night before and portion it out into single serve containers. For an extra twist, bring along a pita pocket and fill it with your salad just before you eat it. Cost: anywhere from $1-$3 depending on how much good stuff you put in there.
  5. Kitchen sink lunchbox. Some of the best brown-bag lunches I've enjoyed have been the ones that I was ill-prepared to pack. I'm 10 minutes late for work, so I grab whatever I can find in the fridge and the cupboards– the heel of the french bread from last night's dinner, some string cheese, a half a can of nuts, a slice of last night's pizza, the last bunch of grapes from the fruit bowl. Variety is the key here. No one wants to eat a handful of nuts for lunch, but nuts and cheese and grapes and bread? All of a sudden you're in the French countryside enjoying a well-planned picnic lunch. The best part of this is that you probably would've thrown out the withered grapes and the stale bread by the time you got home, so you're basically eating for free!

You don't need to bring your lunch everyday. Pick one day a week to splurge and eat lunch outside the office. You're still saving over $1600 per year, but you won't feel like you're missing out either. Best of all, your wallet and your waist band will thank you!…

Eating Fibers to Find Biological Health and Fitness


Sometimes, people today fail to remember for doing this that eating sheets article associated with foodstuffs. Found in latest school work, obtained been proved which experts claim in the us in isolation, less than half of individuals will get acceptable blankets into their weight loss program.

Having a sufficient quantity of soluble fiber will probably much increase your herbal overall health and even wellness. Below are a few realities that you must are informed diet soluble fiber

What exactly the software?

Roughage or simply eating these foods include will be indigestible an important part of herbs where it trips over the digestive tract. Via assessment, it may help the physique have even more normal water and also advances removal to toxins. Vitamin c also helps at the compression involving also and also of compounds.

There's two sorts of consist of. The dissolvable can include is definitely the one accountable for how you can prevent continue cholesterol levels. As a result, take in among acceptable dissolvable dietary fiber will certainly scale back an individual's financial risk to building emotions health problems coupled with heart stroke. Insoluble soluble fiber will increase bulk the fact that body requires to remain these attributes of the intestines and stomach. This type of consist of prevents you from experiencing bowel obstruction.

Which are the benefits of buying a sufficient quantity of these foods include in your diet?

Bowel Stream not to mention Ethics

Receiving a sufficient quantity of fiber offers you numerous. It can help you've well-formed and therefore fluffy bar stool then waste products have the ability to complete a bowel movement quite simply. With this, you know don't obtain bowel irregularity. To chop expenses diarrhea, supplying may include to your eating plan will benefit you absorb drinking water in addition to form heavy stools. Additionally it is asserted that can include could actually help reduce men and women by ibs.

Developing a good this implies eating habits even decrease jeopardy of formulating need, diverticulosis not to mention diverticulitis. Considering the fact those linens assists you share bar stool conveniently. Rest on with respect to tensing while defecation. That belongs to the ideas can include helps prevent a majority of these medical conditions.

Adjusts Bloodstream vessels Levels of cholesterol

Dissolvable fiber concentrated preserves a suitable bad cholesterol quantity due to trimming number of Very low Thickness Lipoprotein (Ldl) in the human body. Low-density lipids can be termed badly high levels of. Length has also been researched the fact that fibers is also able to decrease blood pressure. Holding a superb continue trans fat tier sets somebody in the lower associated danger involving constructing to avoid diseases.

Regulates Bloodstream vessels Any Tiers

The following is probably the grounds that the majority of diabetic clients attach fibers into their dieting. Finding sufficiently dissolvable consist of aids at the absorption regarding carbohydrates inside you. It will help our bodies around disaccharide slowly but surely indeed writers may eliminate quick highs with his hold carbohydrates quantity. Sufficient insoluble bed sheets in your body can be told keep away from developing on diabetes itself.

Supports Fat loss

Consuming goodies through high-fiber subject matter may possibly take want you to chewing a foodstuff more as opposed to you would any somewhat nutrients. Thus, your system emerged adequate time and energy to think that you're most likely previously whole. And also decrease possibilities of in excess of taking in. A high- fiber entree will also lower down appetite urges as a result of sheets can take a lengthier time for you to often be digested. You believe 5 lengthy for those who actually eat foodstuff by means of excessive consist of articles. Fibrous foodstuffs have had a lesser number of volumes in excess calories on the entire group. Accordingly no matter how a great deal of linens consumed, provide are limited to how many kilocalories you may be taking in.Bed sheets will also be believed to drive back carcinogenic agencies, hence bringing down your current chance of asking for certain kinds of cancer malignancy. Amazing transform your life health by natural means, putting increased dietary fiber towards your foodstuff is mostly a strong understanding.…

Tips to Develop Healthy Eating Habits in Children


'Health is wealth' we all have heard, but saying it again and again will not solve the problem. We need to work on it. To have a better health throughout your life you need to inculcate some healthy habits among your kids. Research has proved that an insufficient diet leads to undernourishment, causing malformations in the child. If our children are not healthy how can we dream of a healthy nation? A child having poor health will not be able to perform or concentrate. These days being casual about the things you eat can be very bad for you in the long run. So be cautious when it comes to your health.

Insufficient nutrition and undernourishment leads to a diseased child. Bad health leads to sad and morose attitudes. They will avoid taking part in games and activities. If you are providing your child with all the nutrients needed but he is not having the food properly then that is a problem. Being the parent, it is your duty to check whether the child finishes their meals or not. Having food in a hurry leads to improper digestion. We need to ensure that they do not rush to gobble down their food but also that they eat it all. Having a healthy child is the foundations of a wealthy child..

The most popular food around kids is fast food. This fast food is the real enemy of your child. Fast food takes longer hours to digest and contain no fiber and are not as fresh as greens. If your child is very weak and thin, you need to maintain a proper diet chart for him. We all know that apples are very good for your health. Apart from apple all fruits and veggies have something very important to offer you for great health too. So give your child and your self a very well planned diet that includes fruits and vegetables.

It is a very factual belief fact that we first eat through our eyes, then our mouths. So give your child food that is prepared in an attractive way to lessen his distaste over time. If their school provides lunch, then make sure that it meets a good quality standard. In case you are giving him a lunch box, pack him something which he will have happily. This way you will not have to worry about him giving it somebody else or throwing it away.

Some people are not aware of how important a good breakfast is. It has been proved through researches that a breakfast provides proper nutrition to your body for a whole day. Breakfast is the first meal you have after long hours of sleep and rest and it sets your day. After a good breakfast your body is relaxed and energized. Breakfast time is usually set to be between 8 o'clock to 10 o'clock in the morning. Our body's metabolism rate is highest at this time. Never let your kids skip out this very important meal.

To make your child learn about healthy living and food you make them help out in the kitchen. This way he will learn some easy dishes and will like to cook and eat more. Make sure their food looks so 'pretty' and nice smelling that they cannot help but want to eat it. Just eating more is not enough, what he is eating should be healthy and beneficial too.…

Healthy Surprise: Monthly Snack Delivery


Monthly box subscriptions are on the rise. The idea of having goods, be it food, healthy and beauty supplies, household items, and other various products, delivered to your door for a minimal fee per month is quite ingenious and had not been around for very long but it catching hold very quickly. There is a wide array of subscriptions available on the internet, some good and some possible scams. Figuring out which is which could take some trial and error, but Healthy Surprise is one subscription that should be at the top of your list.

Healthy Surprise markets themselves with catch lines such as "Healthy snacks made easy." and "Delicious healthy snacks delivered monthly." They also claim that all of their snacks are vegan, gluten-free, and natural. As is well known, a gluten-free diet is something that has become more desirable these days due to the harmful effects gluten has on some individuals and it is not always easy to find good snacks in the grocery store without burning a small, or large, hole in one's pocket. Marketing themselves as supplying vegan and natural snacks also opens them to a wide variety of people such as vegans, vegetarians, health-conscious, athletes, and pretty much everyone in between.

A few examples of what actually comes in a box are items such as baked-dried cherries, oat bars, energy bars, fruit bars, nuts, and a variety of sweet and salty snacks to satisfy any palate. Closer examination of the nutritional facts and ingredients does indeed confirm that these snacks are vegan, natural, gluten-free, and healthy, most products having 10 ingredients or less. Most of these items you cannot find in a normal grocery store and being able to try something before making the commitment to purchase speaks to a lot of people in this day and age, especially in this economy.

So the big question comes down to cost, right? A service like this has certainly got to be a bit pricey since what they are offering is new and different.

Not as much as you would think!

There are four different subscription options as well as some gift options. The options include $38 (including the $5 shipping) for 16 to 20 servings of snacks, $66 (with free shipping) for 32 to 40 servings of snacks, $99 for 50 to 60 servings, and $333 for 200 servings. The most popular options ordered is the "Healthy" box for $66 although for one person just trying out the service the "Starter" box is recommended.

All in all, this specific box subscription is well worth the money spent. While most of these subscription services run anywhere between $10 and $20 for samples, Healthy Surprise offers whole servings of a variety of snack items ranging in flavors, textures, and taste and will truly fit a need for any type of snacks one happens to be in the mood. As an added benefit, the simple act of having these items delivered to your door every month takes the guess work out of snack finding in a grocery store. If for any reason a person is dissatisfied with the service it is easy to cancel the subscription without any hassle. On the other hand, it is also simple to upgrade to a bigger box if needed. Their customer service is top notch and very attentive to the needs of their customers.

Customizing a box is not possible because that would simply ruin the surprise!


Idaho Health Plan for Children: How it Can Help You


Help For Uninsured Children in Idaho

Are you looking for quality affordable health insurance coverage for your children in Idaho? Many families find themselves struggling to afford health insurance coverage for their children in these difficult economic times. The Idaho Health Plan for Children, Idaho's implementation of the federal State Children's Health Insurance Program (known as SCHIP) provides health insurance coverage for children who meet income and other eligibility requirements. The Idaho Health Plan for Children covers all medical needs, including regular doctor visits, hospital visits, dental and vision, laboratory tests, and immunizations, among others. There are some important points to understand and consider if you are seeking low-cost quality health insurance coverage through the Idaho Health Plan for Children for your children:


To qualify for the Idaho Health Plan for Children, your child must be under 19 years of age and must be a U.S. citizen or legal resident. Your child must be uninsured. Your family must also meet certain income guidelines as well. According to information provided by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, a family of four with a monthly income of up to $3,400, which is equivalent to 185% of the federal poverty level. Depending on your family's income level, you may be responsible for a small monthly premium, around $10 to $15 per month per child enrolled.

Premium Assistance

The Idaho Health Plan for Children also offers premium assistance to some families who qualify. If your child is uninsured, you might qualify got up to $100 a month to assist you with private health insurance premiums through the Access to Health Insurance Program (AHI). (AHI) is a premium assistance program that helps employees of qualified small businesses enroll in employer-sponsored insurance for themselves and their families. The program provides premium assistance up to $100 per month, per person to qualified employees, their spouses, and their minor children, with a maximum premium assistance of up to $500 per month, per family.

For More Information

As we all know, having health insurance is vital for our families' physical and financial health. If you think you or your children may be eligible for the above programs, use the contact information listed below to learn more. To learn more about the Idaho Health Plan for Children or to request an application, contact 2-1-1 in Idaho or visit the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare website at www.healthandwelfare.idaho.gov. For more information about the Access to Health Insurance Program (AHI), call 866-326-2485 or 866-326-2485.…