Cheater's Diet: Why You Must Cheat to Lose Weight


Yes, you heard that right! There is a fundamental logic behind the Cheater's Diet (aka the Cheating Diet or Cheat to Lose diet) that differentiates it from any other diet and makes it successful for you to lose weight. Many of the most popular diets out there work at first but then you find yourself feeling discouraged and gaining the weight back. Want to know how the Cheater's Diet works? Read on.

1) Let yourself cheat a few times a week with the Cheater's Diet. The basic idea behind the Cheater's Diet is that in any particular week, you're on a diet restricted to 1,100-1,300 calories a day. However, you get to replace 1-3 diet meals a week with a real and satisfying meal. For example, you may eat 1,200 calories on Monday and do the same on Tuesday. But say on Wednesday you know you will be having a dinner with friends so you select this as your meal to cheat on. Before the dinner you may consume around 500-600 calories for breakfast and lunch in line with the Cheater's Diet, but for your dinner with friends you can actually let yourself eat like everyone else at the table and forget you are on a diet! You will be on the 1,100-1,300 calorie per day limit for the rest of the week on the Cheater's Diet but can allow yourself to replace up to 2 more diet meals with a full meal. You shouldn't allow yourself to cheat with more than 3 meals in a week, but it is important for you to let yourself cheat at least once a week in order for the Cheater's Diet to work. There is a reason for this and keep reading to find out why!

2) When you let yourself cheat with the Cheater's Diet, that doesn't mean you just allow yourself to have a little cookie right after a salad, we are talking about letting yourself have those 2 slices of pizza followed by a chocolate cake! With the Cheater's Diet, it means go ahead and splurge on that bowl of cheesy and meaty pasta. Eat that burger with fries and down it with soda. You want to let yourself be absolutely satisfied. The only restriction you need with the Cheater's Diet is that you don't let yourself eat so much that you feel overly stuffed and start to get bloated or get a tummy ache. Other than that, enjoy your meal like how a non-dieter will!

3) Like I mentioned, with the Cheater's Diet you have to let yourself cheat at least once a week. The reason is that this is the surest way to make sure you keep your metabolism high and working for you. This is the key secret behind the Cheater's Diet. The problem with a lot of the other non-cheating diets is that you experience a lot of weight loss at first, but after some time you hit a plateau and find your weight stuck at the scale even though you're eating only 1,000 calories or less. The reason for this is when you put your body on a strict, low-calorie diet long enough, it starts to adapt to it and your metabolism slows down. Not only is this ineffective and can easily let you gain back the weight, it's also very discouraging. But with the Cheater's Diet, you're not giving your body a chance to adapt because every time you throw in one of the cheating meals into the mix, your body re-fires up its metabolism. With the Cheater's Diet, you will actually end up losing more weight in the long run even though you are eating more calories!

4) Something to look forward to: What also makes the Cheater's Diet different from the other diets is that you really have something to look forward to. When you let yourself have that satisfying meal, it really gives you the motivation and incentive you need to be good when you're not cheating and you're dieting. This really helps you to keep yourself on track. With the Cheater's Diet, you will be losing the weight slowly but at the same time it allows you to have a life! Save the 1-3 cheating meals a week for when you're out with friends and you won't have to feel anxious or deprived about just having a salad while everyone else eats the pizza and burgers. The Cheater's Diet will not only make you healthier and help you lose weight; it will also make you a much happier dieter.…

Finding a Diet Plan that Suits Your Lifestyle


Are you uncertain how you can create a healthy weight loss diet plan? There are plenty of diets accessible that it quickly can become hard to keep a clear head on a weight loss diet plan that you could stay committed to as well as lose weight. This is because most diet programs do not match our personal needs. For instance, lots of people do not want to lose weight naturally through the elimination of an entire recommended food group like a diet plan that consists of absolutely no carbs. It's simply not convenient.

Should you be looking to locate a healthy weight loss program strategy that matches your needs here are some tips to acquire to get you started. Discover the basics of eating right. In order to create a diet regime, you need to discover the fundamentals of the right diet. Investigate exactly what meals tend to be good for you and discover meals you need to avoid more often than not. A great location to check on is your local book shop. While there are many stores out there that will help. Stick to a magazine that is straight forward as well as does not provide extravagant gimmicks. Your reource should be really basic and supply plenty of information upon eating right. It should be the source you are able to refer as well when you are refining as well as perfecting your personal diet plan.

An additional place to look is the internet. You can find a lot of excellent information about correct nutrition from numerous resources. Additionally, you'll find up to date info as well as keep the diet plan fresh through attempting brand new things as well. Keep in mind, creating a healthy weight loss diet plan that matches your needs is about researching what may work for you. Set the requirements of your diet plan. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to a proper weight loss diet plan. Everyone has unique tastes, lifestyles as well as social ideals. Embrace that and jot down all of the meals that you like. During your own investigation upon the right diet you will learn that certain foods are optimum for you personally and which meals can be harmful. Correct nutrition is a complex topic. Maintain a summary of these foods therefore you have a make-up revision if necessary to your plan.

Another essential strategy is that your weight loss program plan ought to fit yourself, not really the other way around. Nutritious diet plans which fit your lifestyle design are easier and much more persuasive to check out as well as stick with. For instance, if you're a parent or gaurdian the food options shouldn't be abstract of what the remainder of your family eats. In other words, your meals should be the same as exactly what your loved ones consume.

Produce a plan each week. Preparing is the key in order to avoid failure and ensure success along with sustaining your diet plan. Very first, your own strategy ought to consist of your short term objectives. For example, I will drop 2 lbs is really a objective goal. Make use of your intententions to think through trouble spots for the week. A few examples of typical problem areas are, evenings whenever you eat at restaurants, college lunch features, working late, little league snacks, video games snacks, days that require a lot of driving and ordering out in the office. Your everyday menu of meals should be included with your own plan as well as approx . times that you'll be consuming. It's also wise to set up meals or two as cheat foods.

With a little investigation and preparing you can create a healthy weight loss diet strategy. A person simply needs to find out about feeding your body correctly and determine exactly what will be the match for you. Once you are working with your own strategy, then you will have the ability to be consistent in regards to staying with your diet.…

Diet Pills: Provisions for Losing Extra Fat


When anyone gathers extra weight in his body he receives several advices from his friends and relatives about the measures he must take to shred extra fat. He is asked to take less food and to quit certain kinds of food. He is also asked to go for Diet pills . Some of the people will spread such words that diet pills do not work good although the manufacturing companies of the diet pills claim a lot.

Diet pills are available in the departmental stores and different retail shops, and they are available in plenty. Companies produce diet pills as the rate of its sale has been soaring high and high owing to increase in the demand. It is true that diet pills of all brands do not work as the promises are made by their producers. It is also true that users have experienced different side effects after they have taken certain kinds of diet pills. Patients have experienced nervous problems and also problems of nausea. Sometimes their digestive system has also been affected.

On the other hand, the patients prefer diet pills produced by some reputed companies. Ingredients used for producing the diet pills and the quantity of the ingredients are mostly same for all. Actually, quality products of diet pills demand quality ingredients and combination of their right proportions.

Patients must remember that combined action of good quality diet pills, intake of prescribed diet, regular physical exercises and tension-free psyche can assure any one in shredding their unnecessary weight. It is possible to learn if the diet pills are from a genuine company.

There are fake products ad low quality products in the market. Genuineness of the address and contact particulars printed on the labels of the products can be verified. Patients can take legal action against a company of diet pills if information about the ingredients provided by the same company is not true.

The consumers of diet pills can contact the company and clear their inquiries about the diet pills. They must not go for the particular brand of diet pills if the company is found to be reluctant to answer their questions.

The obese patient must take care before them take the diet pills.

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New Zealand Fiber and Protein Diet Review


The New Zealand Fiber and Protein diet is based on research that showed the food formula resulted in 8 times more weight loss.

According to Woman's World magazine, women in a New Zealand study were eating 2,000 calories per day and dropping weight by combining fiber and protein.

Te Morenga, the New Zealand scientist from the University of Otago, had volunteers follow a low-fat diet and others a fiber and protein diet. The protein and fiber dieters in the study got 30 percent of their calories from protein and 35 grams of fiber.

The results of the fiber and protein diet were spectacular. The subjects in Te Morenga's study who ate the protein and fiber combo lost 8 pounds for every one pound lost in the low-fat traditional diet group.

I recently tried the Bistro MD diet delivery program. One of the reasons I think Bistro MD results are so great is because their meals are extremely high in fiber and protein. For example, the Bistro MD chicken and lentils meal has 23 grams of fiber and 46 grams of protein. That's extraordinarily high for one meal!

Protein shakes such as Fit Smart combine protein and fiber for fast weight loss results. In fact, it's part of the Fiber 35 diet plan that encourages dieters to consume 35 grams of fiber per day.

Some of the benefits of a high protein diet are the same as the benefits of a high fiber diet: they both fill you up.

According to Women's World magazine, getting 30 percent of your calories from protein is an important key because it triggers fat burn. Resistant starches, such as those found in beans and bananas, also stimulate fat burning.

To try out the protein and fiber diet, I did not have to go to any trouble since I could do the Bistro MD meals for a week to test out the diet.

If you rather do it yourself, simply follow these guidelines for the protein and fiber diet:

No. 1: Include beans and other resistant starches to your diet. Add a banana to your Fit Smart smoothie, for example.

No. 2: Have at least one serving of protein at every meal (at least four a day)

No. 3: Limit fat. When you choose fats, opt for olive oil or peanut or almond butter.

No. 4: Fill up on fiber: Fill your plates with fruits and vegetables. Select the healthier breads such as Ezekiel sprouted grain bread , Ezekiel sprouted grain tortillas or Ezekiel sprouted grain cereal or creamy buckwheat . Buckwheat soba noodles are especially good for weight loss.

Although there is no calorie counting in the New Zealand fiber and protein diet, it's always a good idea to have your metabolism tested and match your eating to the number of calories you burn at rest or your RMR. Eating enough should give you the energy to burn calories through exercise. The fiber and protein diet should help you maintain lean muscle mass and feel satisfied.

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Source: woman's world magazine…

Hypertension and Diet


A recent New England Journal of Medicine discussed the treatment of hypertension with dietary changes. While many patients in the United States are on hypertensive medications, newly diagnosed patients should know that there are "lifestyle changes" which can help improve the blood pressure, and which cost less than medications and don't have their side effects.

Steps that you can take to lower your blood pressure include:

  1. Decreasing your intake of salt, listed as sodium on food packages. Surprisingly, many processed foods contain a high amount of sodium, such that consumption of regular portions can lead to excessive daily consumption of salt which will increase your risk of hypertension. In addition, fast food and food served in restaurants may contain very high levels of salt, such that eating out frequently increases your salt consumption well above the daily recommended allowance. While decreasing your salt intake will initially lead to foods tasting much blander, eventually in a couple weeks foods will taste just as good with much less salt.

This may be why major food corporations, such as Campbell's Soup, have been gradually reducing the salt content of their soups. The American heart association recommends limiting salt intake to 1.5 g per day, which is significantly less than the average American consumes.

  1. Eating a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables. In particular, the Mediterranean diet has been found to have multiple beneficial health effects and can help you lower your blood pressure. The DASH diet (see below) is also highly recommended as a frame work you can use to plan your weekly shopping and meal preparation, and can help you reduce your blood pressure.
  2. Getting regular exercise

How Can I Follow the Dash Diet?

The DASH diet is highly recommended by many physicians, and has the backing of several professional organizations, such as the American Heart Association, and can be found online at Following this diet can lower your blood pressure in just 14 days. In addition the DASH diet has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

In addition, there is a DASH action plan book which helps with the preparation of healthy meals, and can be bought online from retailers such as, more information can be found here:

It is comforting to know that even small changes in your diet, and in your exercise routine, can lead to significant improvement in your health. Cutting just 200 calories a day from your diet can lead to the loss of many pounds over the course of the year. If you're concerned about your weight or blood pressure you should consider talking with your doctor or with a nutritional expert as those were monitored on a weight loss or hypertension control program are far more successful. Even if you don't have hypertension, following a low salt diet and adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet can you avoid heart disease and other health problems later in life.