Choose from these delicious apple varieties:

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An early season favorite, Lodi retains the quality and flavor of Yellow Transparent. A thick yellow skin covers this crisp, rich tasting apple.


Ginger Gold


Outstanding early season apple. Sweet, tangy flavor and firm, crisp flesh.


Summer Rambo


This green variety is tender, juicy, and possesses a fine flavor. Makes an excellent applesauce.




Sweet and very flavorful with orange-striped skin and yellow flesh. A new favorite for snacks and salads with a spicy-sweet flavor and smooth texture. One of our most popular new apples.




Blend of tart Jonathan and sweet Golden Delicious. One of the world’s most preferred varieties for flavor.




Moderately tart. Delicious for snacking, salads and cooking.


Red Delicious


Sweet and juicy. A favorite for snacks and salads. Best for eating fresh out of hand.


Golden Delicious


Sweet and mellow. Excellent for snacking, salads, and all cooking purposes.




McIntosh apple crossed with Red Delicious for unique taste. Crisp and excellent for snacks, desserts, or salads.




Crisp, firm, and tart. Excellent for eating fresh and all cooking purposes.




Firm, rich flavor, and mildly tart. Great all-purpose apple.




Firm and slightly tart. Excellent for baking and all cooking purposes. A great keeping apple.




Sweet and juicy, very firm texture, and crisp white flesh. Excellent for snacking and cooking.




Firm, crunchy, and juicy best describes your first bite. The tangy flavor is both mildly sweet and tart at the same time. Braeburn is a good keeper. Originated in New Zealand.




Very firm and unusually sweet. Red and green with stripes. First discovered in Japan, quickly becoming a favorite here.


Pink Lady


Crisp with a sweet-tart taste. Attractive pink blush over a yellow ground color.