Agriculture Versus Industry in West Bengal


Kolkata, India — Recently I was going through a large number of newspaper articles on the incident of Singur and the issue of Tata factory being built up there! I wonder how selfish the industrialists have become. The capitalism is everywhere and exploitation is the basis of survival in modern society. The fact may not be directly related with Tata Nano but let me tell you one thing human being needs to eat food and that comes from agriculture.

So the priority is food crop then industry! With an empty stomach, you cannot move in a Tata Nano. I think I am in the right path and telling the damn truth. Yes, I support Ms. Mamata Banerjee, Trinamul Congress Leader’s stand for the farmer and I think her voice is gradually being heard and it will be heard in the near future! I really appreciate a voice among the crowd! In case of industrialization, the state is earning a bad reputation due to the recent Singur incident.

Agriculture is important due to the following points:

  1. Think of the corn flakes and fruits you eat in breakfast.
  2. Think of the mango you eat in summer.
  3. Think of the vegetable you take in lunch.
  4. Decrease in production due to increasing number of factories in agricultural lands will lead to price hike.

Farmers should not be deprived due to the following:

  1. They go to the field in the morning and I have seen in my field work how hard is the life of a farmer. I have seen in Maharashtra. I went Mulgawan village which is far away from Nagpur.
  2. I have seen the hardships of a farmer and the profit made by the middle men. So these people remain poor.
  3. Please do not deprive these people of their lands.
  4. A farmer’s land is the food for your future children.
  5. Depriving a farmer is a sin and there can be no salvation to this sin. They produce the crops that help the techies in cities to survive!

Now the issue of Tata Nano factory…………..

The recent issue of Singur shows how cruel the bureaucrats can be just for their personal gain. It shows clearly that industrialization has gained importance because of money. But do you think they will gain further in the long run? The answer is “No!”

How many people can affort a Rs. 1 lakh car?

It may be cheap but it is a fact that the job market is tough and those who are getting good salaries they will go for better cars than TATA NANO. They will say “TATA GOOD BYE” to such a small car!! They will try to purchase a solid car at a higher price thinking of the longevity. Always remember a cheap thing does not survive very long.

Let’s take this example:

I bought a black t-shirt with the hologram “Nike” from Yashoda in Shyambazar. But the quality of cloth is so good that the t-shirt remained as it is and to this day whenever I wear the t-shirt in my office, my friends appreciate. I like that and I do not buy garments from shopping mall because “CHEAP THINGS DO NOT LAST LONG.” Buy better quality clothes at a little higher price than the malls and that will last longer! Because…….It is “YOUR” hard-earned money. You have earned it “by the sweat of thy brow.”

Agriculture provides the nutrition to industrialists to survive. It brings the food that we need every day and putting a factory in an agricultural land is a wrong step. A factory should be set up in a barren land. The land should be returned to the farmers and a part of it should only be used but at a good price!

Life is hard for a farmer. Listen from the fieldworker’s mouth who worked among the Kolam tribe in Maharashtra. They take dal and rice as their food and live in a house which shows that they just take 2 square meals a day! We have surveyed and found the level of sacrifice they do for us. They work all the day in the scorching sun and at the end of the day, they get a sum of Rs. 30 to 40. We surveyed their households and found how miserable their life is. All the tribal welfare money goes in the pocket of the bureaucrats and very little goes to them!

Thank you for reading this article. Some opinions expressed in this article might be controversial but I have tried to put down the “harsh facts” in an elaborate way!

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